Posted by: Betty | May 8, 2013

Justice for Travis Alexander and other goings on in Waddell.



Lyndsey and the girls have been with us since March 27th; the girls are almost out of school (another 7 days); Lyndsey’s found a job and has done very well during her first 10 days working.  I’m so proud of her courage and laughter.  Many new rituals are starting here in Waddell… Feeding the birds; bike rides on the bike trail…  GRAN cooking for three little girls when their mommy is working… and trying not to forget to feed Sophie lunch or to pick up the girls after school….



Our daily ritual of feeding the birds … Paul, followed by Sophie, followed by Izabella followed by Makayla

I’ve been wrapped up lately in the trial of Jodi Arias – For those of you with real lives, she’s the psycho who butchered a young man named Travis Alexander. Her lies about him were almost worse to me than the actual murder.  She was crazy and couldn’t accept that he didn’t want to be with her anymore and after ending his life in a horrible brutal way; tried destroying his good name.  I think that’s why I got so invested in her trial.. The anger I’ve been feeling was unbelievable–I watched her testimony in a rage, continuing only to continue watching the trial because I wanted to see her while she was convicted..  I did happily manage NOT to be one of the “court watchers” who appeared on the Phoenix court house steps every day.  I watch Court TV or listen to books every day while I edit photos and this trial pretty much got away from me :).. I know someone like her and saw her lies right away. I cannot imagine loosing someone in the way he was murdered and then listening every day as his sisters and brothers have; about him being an abuser; a womanizer and then a pedophile.. NONE of which was true – no evidence; just the word of a butcher who’d already lied so much she can’t be believed.

The guilty verdict today blew sunshine and fresh air into my world again; Travis Alexander can finally rest in peace.  The jury didn’t believe her… actually NO ONE seemed to believe her lies.

The Penalty Phase begins tomorrow and I’ll probably keep it on while I edit photos; However for a couple of reasons, I’m opposed to the death penalty so I won’t feel that much invested.  If I was murdered, I wouldn’t want my killer put to death. Not in my name.  I think on several levels I wouldn’t want it.. I don’t believe in the state killing anyone for one and for more practical reasons, I would want my loved ones to be able to move on and not wait 20 years for “justice”.

Better that people like Jodi Arias disappear into the darkness of prison with no interviews allowed; no spotlight shining on her to be  forgotten by everyone who’s ever heard her name and knows who she is.  I think with the death penalty, the family of the victims cannot move on for years and years.. until their loved one’s killer is killed.  She’ll hopefully die in prison someday after her own wasted life runs it’s course.. Just saying.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


  1. Too bad people like Jodi and those creeps in Cleveland who kidnapped those 3 innocent women can’t gravitate toward one another and leave the rest of the human population live in peace.

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