Posted by: Betty | March 12, 2013

The Bright side of the Road…..

photo2March is a third over all ready?  Lyndsey came out a week plus ago to help me clear out two bedrooms, move my office out to the dinning room, and paint two bedrooms.. Wonder of wonders we got almost none of that done. I had gotten most of the furniture out of the girls new bedroom and while we started the painting; Lyndsey didn’t feel very good and I learned that yes indeed, I can no longer paint a room, let alone two rooms and the cleaning of closets etc is beyond me too.  Thanks to two very nice painters from across the street and their reasonable price, the girls’ room was painted (finished).  My office is working in the dinning room and two weeks from today we will be bringing our girls out.. Three little ones and one grown up one.  Last week as the painters had moved us out of the girls room, Lyndsey rushed to the bank to deposit a check and get the cash to pay them, I experienced a glimpse of the joy Paul and I have waiting for us, by baking bread with the girls. Not baking bread as my Grand mother did back in Chicago, but using the modern miracle of a bread maker. Izabella, Lyndsey’s middle child,  is the most interested in cooking, and later helped me with getting Pappys and my dinner into the crockpot for that night’s meal.  She was a but put out that they left before dinner was done.  Meanwhile, in the week since they left, I haven’t touched their room or Lyndsey’s new room and the dawning that I am running out of time is coming.. I have much to do on this end before the end of the month.  The girls (all of them) are doing o.k. with the upcoming changes in their lives.  They have their good moments and their scared moments.  I talked to Izabella while Paul and I were down there for our yearly Oscar gathering with Lyndsey and asked if she was excited to move to Gran and Pappys. She replied that yes she was, but a little sad and scared too. I told her we would look on the bright side too.. They could live in AZ with Gran and Pappys, play in the back yard every day and ride their bikes. (it’s been prohibited in their condo complex in CA now).   Last weekend I heard her say that we look on the bright side because we can always find a reason to be happy. I was so pleased that our seven year old Izzy (who forgets her chores while in the middle of doing them) remembered my words and built on them. We made a game of it then last weekend and I told them, we live on the Bright Side of the Road, NOT the Dark side.  I started believing it too.  We even played Van Morrison’s song from the Movie Michael while we baked bread and did dishes.  We decided that on the bright side of the road, is happiness and hope and that’s where we live.  I’ve been surprised over the last several years that while I’m busy trying to impart every morsel of Knowledge, Wisdom, etc to my kids in their struggles,  while I can, that instead, I have learned from them.  Katie’s courage, Lyndsey’s dignity, Izabella’s strength and wisdom, are only a few of the examples I come up with this morning.  Very humbling for this old woman who likes to think she is the imparter of wisdom to find that my children and grandchildren are the ones who teach me.

Again in 2013, I have no idea where this year will lead us or what it will bring.. Lots of changes in our family are certainly on the horizon; pain, of course, but laughter is definitely in our future, so is hope.  and lots of learning for Gran…

Family Treea

Our new and improved Family Tree … March 2013

P.S. I haven’t even mentioned the changes in the lives of my sons !!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my longwinded blog this morning.



  1. What a wonderful tale. It’s so worthwhile to live on the bright side.

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