Posted by: Betty | February 22, 2013

Lots of changes so far

Flannery 3-765

Paul, Our Grandchildren and me.. October 11, 2012


Flannery 3-912


It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.  We’ve been busy. Katie’s wedding, despite rain in the morning ( It NEVER rains in October here).  The house was cleaned and not painted. And cleaned by Lyndsey (my youngest daughter). A beautiful time; a happy time.  It’s such a blessing to know that Katie and Sabby are with such a good man.. Love love love the new son-in-law..  We also avoided a butt load of drama that threatened.. dodged that ole histrionic bullet.  🙂

Currently I’m working most slowly to get my office ready for the arrival of three little girls and their mommy.  It’s a long sad story. I’m fighting NOT to be excited for their arrival the end of March as it’s not a happy time for their mommy and there’ll be  many challenges for three little girls. I’m painting the room a pale yellow. It’s a big room so will fit three little girls just fine.. EXCEPT for space and private time for them.  Would kind of like our last home right now.. Lots more bedrooms but while we may be a bit crowded for a while but I grew up in a house more crowded than this will be, and there’s a sense our home while not so peaceful, will be filled with the happy noises of children playing.   oh yeah I know.. fights, arguments etc too.  So far my biggest challenge is going to be finding new homes for the bazillion photographs on the walls of my office.. Storage comes to mind for most of them.

In a way, this week, “hell froze over”.. It snowed in Phoenix this week and even stuck for a while.. Salt River stadium, part of the Spring Training circuit was closed for a couple of days. I’m comparing Phoenix to hell only in reference to our typical summer temperatures.

I’ve been on several blogs I haven’t visited in a while, and good to see that all seems to be going well for my fellow bloggers.  When we get home from our planned trip to CA this weekend and Paul goes back to work, I plan on going through many blogs for more up dates.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today.. It feels good to be back again.



  1. It has been a while. Good to see you back! I love the pictures taken on your bridge. It seems fitting.

  2. I’ve been catching up and see that the family has gone through lots of changes. Hope all is well and you are enjoying the bright side of the street. I love that concept and that you have implemented it with the girls. We moved from Wrightwood to Crestline a few weeks ago – i wanted even more nature than I was seeing in Wrightwood and I love love it up here. I still have the 8 grandkids, youngest is Chloe who is about 2 years 5 months. Life IS good! Still good – even with family drama that we have been through also.

    • Sandy.. I miss my figure, my youth, but as they say… I miss my mind the most. I’ve forgotten how to respond to comments I think.. Or did.. I got engaged in Crestline 36 years ago :).. It’s got good vibrations ..

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