Posted by: Betty | July 12, 2012

Greetings from Ireland!

We’re having a great time in Ireland!  It’s rained nearly every day for a short while at least. I need a jacket 🙂 … After temps in the 100’s for over a month; I’m happy as an Irish clam.. Dublin is beautiful and the people so friendly.

Today we’re off to NewGrange!  Similar to Stonehedge in England.. Paul and Ricky left for Paris this morning… and are now airborne… after sending a text that they lost the camera…. Fortunately it’s not one of the cameras I use and I’ve been downloading pictures every night.. So the loss, hopefully,  is just that of the camera and the Cab Company might even return my call and actually have the camera. We’ll see

Wednesday we were out sight seeing in Dublin.. We were meeting a food tour guide at the Mansion House.. Not realizing it was “city hall” where the Lord Mayor of Dublin resides; I sat a rested on the front steps.. I got to chatting with a very nice man while “lounging on the steps” and told him what a marvelous city Dublin was.. How I was enjoying the weather (cold) and all of it.. He was happy to hear that.. We introduced ourselves and not being from “around here” I didn’t recognize his name..  Finally, with a smile only a great looking Irish man could give, he told me he was the Lord Mayor of Dublin.. I lept to my feet, and found my manners and asked if I could take a picture of him.. He said of course and said he’d run in for his chain.. I yelled for Ricky to come over for a photo…





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