Posted by: Betty | July 6, 2012

Summer Daze

The Flannery Family — as of 10-11-2012… THIS is a glimpse into what I believe is the beginning of a very happy, loving, and joy filled future for the future Mr. & Mrs. Flannery..  and my Red Head.

Life is a little crazy these days around here.. Paul, Ricky and I are leaving for Ireland Sunday Morning at 8:ish.. Ricky and I have a wedding shoot tomorrow night.. I’m pretty sure that I won’t go to bed tomorrow.. Just as well, I wouldn’t sleep anyway..  It’s easy in November, to agree to a flight across the Atlantic in July.. kind of.. It’s another thing, getting on the plane in July.. I got some help from my doctor this week and also the ok on blood levels to get on a plane.. The flight will be broken up into two stages. From Phoenix to NY from NY to Ireland.. Even though I do NOT do well on take off or landings … I think it’s better not to get on a plane for 11-12 hours in one step.. I think baby steps are best for those with a morbid fear of flying.. Although I’m not sure if Phoenix to NYC is a baby step.  Once I land in Dublin, I plan to stand on the nearest step, spread my arms and yell… “I’M QUEEN OF THE WORLD”.. “I DID IT!!!”

Ireland is and has for many years on my Bucket List. I am very excited to spend days/nights in Pubs and hope the tourist things don’t get in the way of my pub time.. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to drink to enjoy a pub?  I’ve switched to listening to audio books written with Ireland as the back drop to get my “Irish on”.. However, I’m pretty sure that the language used in these books (detective genre) won’t work in polite Irish society..

Otherwise, we’ve been really busy with the photography and enjoying that. We’re also enjoying our newest family members.. The Flannerys.. While the wedding isn’t until 10-11-12, I’m already Gran to this brood (if they know what’s good for them) and enjoying every minute of it.  Katie is beaming. I LOVE Jerimy and I love the kids.. Such good kids; loving and willing to pose for gran when the camera comes out.. I do after all have a lot of catching up to have a good balance of wall photos for ALL my grand kids.. 11 now 🙂  I think.  We’re having the wedding in our backyard.. or should I say (Garden).. That’s what others call it..  Hell it’s a back yard wedding.. Our “once we get home from Ireland” list is getting pretty extensive so I imagine we’ll hit the ground running.. or limping  🙂  I am constantly reminded in my alone time of my “book theory” of mine and how Katie’s life book is entering a new chapter;  and my prayers are that the rest of her book is filled with love, laughter, joy and hope.  I am a happy mom…. AND I agree with my optimism..

Hope all my blog friends are doing well; I’ve missed my time blogging. I spend a lot of time in my office on my computer, but have had so much editing to do; haven’t had much time for anything else.

While the rest of the country is suffering with unbearable heat; it’s been an easier summer (for the most part) here in AZ with another early monsoon season.. Yay us..  May and June was rough and while we’re a long way from reasonable temperatures, the Monsoon season, brings the temps under the soaring 115-118 or higher temps of June.   Looking for wood here to knock on it..

I need to move away from my desk now and get ready for tonight, tomorrow and our trip to Ireland.. Thank GOD for the last minute..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Betty – have a wonderful time in Ireland – i’m envious. My mom’s family came from there. She visited when she was 17.

    great that you have new additions to your family – you sound like you are enjoying life – that’s great!!

    take care.

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