Posted by: Betty | March 11, 2012

Spring in AZ

Our first bloom of the season.. My favorite - Double Delight

There isn’t much of an autumn in AZ. Our weather goes from HOT to COLD.. Oh not the cold that my friends on the other side of the country face; but cold for me.  Sometime in March, things turn pretty out here. The weather is in the 70’s and the sky is so blue, it can take my breath away. We tried one more time to plant roses at this house; and they’re taking this year. Our patios and walkways are nearly completed (we just need to get them level 🙂 and cemented. Our plum tree is blooming now outside our bedroom window.  Our grass, is slowly coming out of dormancy and turning green again.  Our bare root roses don’t seem to be doing as well as last years roses.. We have a daily ritual, Paul and I, of going out with our coffee and bending down to check for the slightest evidence of new life.. Just one tiny budling .. pleeeeaaassseee..  While sitting out in the yard, we’ve planned on many more rose gardens in the yard.. Of course these conversations are taking place in the 70’s… The maintenance will take place in the 110’s..

I’m following my usual lenten observances — buying and consuming as many Easter PEEPS as possible.. and spending more outside time now before the heat starts.  Katie is happily planning her wedding.. They’re not sure of the exact date… November 2012 or March 2013… not sure of state.. CA or AZ… My back yard or another venue..  and on and on..  BUT they’re planning it  🙂   I’ve asked my wonderful soon to be son in law NOT to break up with my daughter until he does our Misting system and builds us a gazebo.. 🙂  Just kidding.  He did text me recently that MY daughter was the reason Excedrin was developed. 🙂  I’ve learned to be skeptical with happily ever after – but he sure seems perfect to me.

My soon to be new grand kids are coming today for another family bar b que   as Paul has a rare Sunday off..

Peyton Manning may come to Phoenix.. ( PLEASE GOD)

I’ve gone from being pretty busy with photography to not so busy for now.. So I’m learning PhotoShop.. I did finally decide to purchase the full size version before it went off sale. My book is pretty good/and I am learning/ at a very slow pace 😦

Our oldest son, somehow, walked away from a potentially fatal automobile crash–into the side of a motorhome, in the line of duty last month.  The old man who was the originating cause of the crash causing a high speed chase yelled that Jesus was in his back seat before taking off at 100 miles per hour.. My son, I believe, had an angel on his shoulder. As for the driver and passenger of the motor home pulling a trailer who decided to pull out and block the entire road in the middle of everything; were unhurt.. The 80 year old originator of the whole thing was also unhurt.. My son’s injuries were minor and his mental state is good.  Mom (me) has, for the most part put it ALL out of my mind so as NOT to go nuts and we dodged a major bullet.  When he was young and NOT listening to me about opening the door to strangers, and once again in trouble, he advised me he could indeed dodge a bullet if my imaginary bad guy had a gun, I told him he’d finally driven me crazy… Well, I guess he can dodge those “bullets” after all.   And a happy ending ensued.  With other “endings” not so happy in the last few years, I cherish this happy ending more than I might have in the past.

Live is good now; and we’re enjoying an extremely happy chapter of a pretty happy book. I turn 60 in 9 days and that doesn’t sound quite as bad as I always though it would.  Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying “spring” where ever you live.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.




  1. Careful what you ask for…PM may not have too many playing days left with a cervical neck repair. One bad hit and he could be done. The man should just retire.

    So glad your son’s guardian angel was on the job!

  2. The roses and peeps sound wonderful. That is so exciting about Katie’s wedding and her soon to be hubby sounds perfect to me. Learning photo shop must be hard. I can’t figure out Elements yet. After this knee surgery…being involved in a car accident makes me shudder. Take care Betty and enjoy those peeps!

  3. Lovely rose. Ours won’t be out for a while yet : )
    Enjoy photoshop – I couldn’t live without it!

  4. Oh – pressed button by mistake – What a fantastic escape for your son. Thank heavens he’s not too badly hurt.

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