Posted by: Betty | February 18, 2012


I’ve been hesitating for a couple of years now, just falling short of purchasing PhotoshopCS5.. It’s so expensive and I’ve found Lightroom and Photoshop elements quite helpful. I found a book last year .. Photoshop elements 9 for digital photographers written by Scot Kelby and Matt Kloskowski.. Scot Kelby writes in english. Step by Step for um, slower folks like me.. I’ve always been the kind of learner who needs step by step (don’t tell me WHY– just tell me how)  Scot Kelby does that..  There’s a special being offered to me again via e-mail from Adobe.. 60% off Photo shop. And Scott Kelby wrote the same kind of book for Photoshop.. hmmmm.

One of the reasons I haven’t invested in Photoshop is because I am lost whenever I download the trial version;  but with the book from Scott Kelby I thought, YES.. I’m going to be a real live photographer with real PHOTOSHOP!!!. I had my finger on the key this time hovering over “buy it” and once again hesitated. Then… I re downloaded another trial..  While practicing, I realized I’d lost my tablet pen.. I use a tablet now for photo editing.. Once I learned how to use the tablet (Thanks Carla) .. I became dependent on the pen and the mouse became a real pain.. Right there, in the middle of transforming Sabby hitting a ball, I reached for the pen.. and it was gone!  ARRRGGG no where.. I even called my little red head who loves playing teacher in my office to ask if she’d seen it.. “I DIDN”T TOUCH IT ! I SWEAR GRAN”  hmm sounds suspicious to me.. So after digging through trash and crawling around on my hands and knees for an hour.. I went to the computer and ordered a new one.. $70.00 bucks!!!!, wiping out my business account (almost), Giving myself another out on purchasing the full photo shop… Again…  I have the books ( I purchased another book by Scot Kelby for portrait retouching) now.. So since I have invested in those books I really should “invest” in Photoshop CS5.. Really?

Well, you all have a great weekend.. I’ll sit here waiting for my new pen to arrive and trying to figure out what the heck to do about Photoshop.. I think there might me a diagnosis here somewhere..




  1. Sounds like you learn the same way I do. The WHY comes much later…after I know how. We bought elements for around $100…and sad to say we have not used it yet. It looks so hard for me. If I had all the time in the world…I think I would really enjoy learning it. So Photo shop css is way out of my league. I think our daughter uses it though. She has turned in to a pro…but is still learning.
    The pen you were talking about sounds interesting also.
    You really need to blog more often Betty…see all of the info I just learned by this one post. Just kidding ya. I know you would if you had more time!

  2. I have CS3 and I love it. However I also have a set of magazines called Adobe photoshop focus which are fantastically clear and helpful. Think of something you’d like to do, look it up in the index and find the answer. Without them I would never have made even as much use of it as I do – and that’s not a smidgin of what it can do. They cover Elements as well though not in so much detail.
    I couldn’t get on with the tablet but I will probably try again one day.

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