Posted by: Betty | February 18, 2012

Heaven and other thoughts…..

When I was a kid; I had a real hard time understanding Heaven.. I remember asking my mom if we could eat candy when ever we wanted to in Heaven; She answered that we could but we wouldn’t want to.. Huh?   A 6 year old doesn’t think that way and I pondered that for years. Over the 53 years since mom told me that, I’ve had time, ususally when driving, to ponder Heaven.. My favorite song on the subject is “I can only Imagine”.. I consider my “final Review” and hope I do ok on it.. But really, WHAT is heaven; What are our hopes for Heaven if we reach that loftfy goal of our life.. While driving the roads of the Phoenix Valley, I’ve come up with a few ideas of what I HOPE I’ll find there…..

I’d like to really be able to dance; not like an old white chick but really move to the music and move well;  I’d like to be able to sing with feeling and passion without every  window and door slamming in a 10 mile radius;  I’d like to be wise; I wonder if my “spiritual ” body will be MINUS the flab, and chunk I experience now;  I’d like to laugh a lot up there; Mostly,  I’d like to see God and feel his love – I’ve heard about that from people who”ve had near death experiences; Will I be able to “reach” my loved ones left behind?

I’m a long way from that 6 year old who asked about Candy bars in Heaven. I’m going to be 60 in just over a month. I think though, that I CAN have as many candy bars as I want in heaven; but I’m pretty sure I won’t want them. I think I’ll be “blinded by the light” and wonder of it all..

Just saying.




  1. I’ll be happy as long as there are sheep, spinning wheels, yarn a plenty and time to knit. Candy would be nice, too.

  2. I just want for heaven to be my final destination, I really don’t want the alternative.

  3. I agree with Rudee and Joe. I feel pretty certain that it will beyond anything we can comprehend now.

  4. I believe I had exactly the same conversation with my Mum a long time ago.
    But my Grandmother used to tell me a Dutch fairly tale called (a rough translation) the lovely food land. So I decided to go there instead of heaven.
    Now? Well now I see things differently.

  5. I think we are in Heaven right now – but we are blind and our vision is obscured because of our projections of what we think is our life and what’s out there…that’s just me though. I say this, because I have had glimpses of Heaven on Earth and believe it to be so. Hell is just our dysfunctional nature and how we suffer from it.\

    I like your candy bar cute.

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