Posted by: Betty | February 7, 2012

Post Football season blues

Working on the Bar-b-que Saturday-- Ricky's not looking real hopeful

I love football season. Not as much as when our kids were younger, and at home and Paul had weekends off; but I love football season. I have always felt a little “blue” when the season was over. I’m feeling it a little this week.. Gosh now what?  Wait until August I guess.. The Fitz  aka Larry Fitzgerald is a Franchise player in Phoenix now so I know he’ll be here and I can again watch his impossible catches.. There is talk we might be getting Peyton as our new QBack this year.. Lord knows we’ve needed a good Qback since Kurt Warner left.. ANY WAY..

We had a wonderful time; our first at home Superbowl Party in a lot of years.   Ricky and Daniel (his best friend) left yesterday and the house, while awfully quiet, is ours once again.  The harder we tried to be quiet Sunday Morning while “lord Ricky” slept, the louder we were.. Dropping pots bowls etc was at an all time high..  The game was a good one and we were divided as to whom we wanted to win.. I switched sides during the game; choosing to root for the Patriots (since they’d dedicated their season to the owner’s late wife) thus (in my opinion) caused the Pats to loose.. Sorry about that.. though I’ve been told I do not have that kind of power.. We cooked up too much food and will be eating potato salad, chili brautwurst (sp) soaked in beer etc for a couple of weeks.

We also had a wonderful announcement — Katie’s boyfriend called Saturday night requesting our blessing/or not/ for his proposal to Katie.. We gave it, she said yes and the kids (all of them) are very happy..

Lyndsey, my youngest daughter, has morphed into Monica from Friends and hours after learning about their engagement, was at David’s bridal, trying on bride’s maid dresses (she’s been asked to be the maid of honor and seems to be taking all this quite seriously).. Needed a date, colors and budget and has taken over “wedding planning” although Katie and Jerimy  haven’t set much in stone yet.. She’s answering my phone calls with “go for Lyndsey” or Wedding Central…

So all in all it was quite an eventful weekend.. I love these kind of weekends..




  1. It sounds like the best weekend! Congratulations on the news.

  2. That is great about Katie’s engagement! I saw some of these photos on facebook….but good to see them again.

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