Posted by: Betty | February 2, 2012

A few things….

Since coming back to blogging (again) I find I cannot leave a comment on a fellow  blogger’s post when that word thingy is on there unless I comment under my old blogger account.. That becomes difficult as I’ve switched my photo blog to word press too.. I need to work on my “skills” at commenting.. I’m spoiled AND lazy by Facebook where I can just hit a like button. 🙂

Secondly, We’re (Paul and I) are about to start a four day weekend for Paul.. CANNOT believe he got SuperBowl Sunday off, along with all these other days.. He’s worked nearly every Sunday since Football season started.. Really?  Anyway, our youngest, Ricky, is headed out here tomorrow, Katie and Jerimy are coming and Hopefully Kathie and Harold are coming as well.. I’m not a good or imaginative cook and usually “allow” Paul to do all the Superbowl Cooking. This year I’m thinking (or am I) about looking into some cool Super Bowl recipes and doing it all my self..  Larry Fitzgerald along with his fellow AZ Cardinals will not be playing and I have to wait until August to watch him and his magic hands play again… However that doesn’t stop us from enjoying and picking our team for SuperBowl… Party this year.. Does anyone know of any good ideas? Or… should I go to food or something..  The best idea would be to let Paul handle it again this year..  Chips and dip and call out for Pizza?

Have an incredible Super bowl Sunday.. IF you celebrate such things…



  1. I’ve heard several bloggers talk about not being able to comment… it’s not just you! I don’t know how to fix it, tho

    I know nothing about sports except baseball… specifically, Cardinals baseball, so I’m not much help… but pizza & chips & dip, etc sounds good! =)

  2. It happens to me a lot, certain bloggers have their comment boxes way too protected. I think mine only asks for that word and you’re in. I give up trying to comment if the the second try it’s not taken.

  3. Yes, me too with the blogger/wordpress thing. I am just using my google ID and it is annoying. Let’s hope eventually they’ll sort it out!
    Hope you SuperBowl Sunday was great!

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