Posted by: Betty | January 29, 2012

Life is a wonder all right.

Yes Shane (our wonder dog) is playing tether ball too....

I have company due in an hour…. My house is clean…. (enough).. I however need a shower a hair wash and makeup.. and Here I sit in my office looking out at a quiet street on a beautiful day.. NOT showering but blogging..  My daughter, Katie, Grand daughter Sabby along with her newish boyfriend and his brood are coming for a bar-b-que..  They say they’re in love. No relationship/courtship is guaranteed of success or ending the way we hope when we first fall in love, but this one is special.  Katie lost Adam 18 months ago and though she’s dated some in the long hard months that have passed, she hasn’t shown a lot of interest.  Has shown a lot of distrust.  Friday after an appointment I met them briefly at MacDonalds and met his kids.. I was pretty sure I was in a fourth dimension.  His 14 year old got up on his own and picked up the mess from the table and threw it away..  I looked at Katie and was struck with a feeling that all was right in her world..(almost). and the joy in her eyes was a wonder to me.  I’d missed that sparkle and it felt so right to see it again..  Oh I worry.. Sabby who has been through too much to be only 9 1/2 likes him a LOT and so I worry.. Katie is now worried she may again lose too much.  I reassure her and tell her there is always the risk of loss when we love.. But you just don’t want to Miss the Dance, just because it might end (not my original line — Garth Brooks).. But I worry – That’s MY job, not hers.

On that awful day, in May 2010, I told her she WOULD cross that awful ocean to land.. She and Sabby would build a raft and they WOULD make it across.. She WOULD love and laugh and feel joy and hope in her life again.

Friday I saw that whether this romance lasts or not, Katie and Sabby have reached the beach and Katie’s o.k.  She’s let go of Adam for the most part.. This is a good thing. She’ looking forward and not back. She’s understanding deep in her soul that while she may have been the best thing that ever happened to him, he wasn’t the best thing that happened to her.. THAT is still in her future and she’s ready for it now.. and in fact, Adam helped her see a glimpse of what could be in love and relationships..

So while I should be getting ready for the visit, I thought I’d sit here a minute or two longer and and experience the Wonder of a voyage completed..for the most part.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today..



  1. You are a very wise Mommy Betty. This was a great reflection of yours to share with your blog buddies. I sure hope Katie and Sabby will find happiness with her new boyfriend and his children. It is refreshing to hear about a 14 year old that will clean off the table.
    Nice to read a blog post from you also!

  2. Grief can be a long journey. She is a young woman and is entitled to happiness in her life. It sounds like she has finally found some. Good for her, and all of you.

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