Posted by: Betty | January 25, 2012

Gosh it’s been a while…

Last week, as Paul and I were getting ready for Sabby’s award ceremony, we received a phone call. Paul didn’t recognize the phone number but picked it up anyway.  He hears.. “Pappys? It’s me Sabby, I’m in the restroom right now (speaking on her outlawed cell phone). I’m having an awards ceremony today and want you to come”.  I guess she wasn’t sure we were going and wanted to make sure. Well somehow she got an award in citizenship and we are very proud…. wait for it…. made the Principal’s list with straight A’s for both quarters. She was very proud and so were Pappys and I.  For most of my kids’s school days I worked so far from home, I couldn’t make it to their award ceremonies.  This is all quite a treat.

In the flurry of our Fall Wedding season and photo editing, along with Christmas, it’s been pretty busy around here… AND I got lazy.  This morning I updated our photo blog, moving to to word press and adding it to our website.  More updated version.  I realized how long it’d been since I’ve posted to my blog.  I’ve missed reading about friends on blog sites and missed posting my own.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Hi Betty, it really has been a while since you blogged!

    Good to hear you’re all doing well… be careful & be safe!

    Ohhh, Last week, I got asked to do my 1st wedding in July! I’m nervous, but I’m so excited… can’t wait! YaY! mE! =)

  2. PS… I just love that last shot of her… love that facial expression! LoL! =)

  3. Hi Betty – congrats to Sabby – that is quite an achievement and an honor and so cute that she called. So glad to see some words on your blog here.

    She looks so cute!

  4. Congrats to Sabby and kudos for proud grandparents. Lovely pictures, she is growing so fast just like my gkids. By the way Abby and I are looking forward to having you take our wedding pictures. And thank you so much for the offer.

  5. Well it has been a very long time but it’s great to know it’s just because you’ve been busy. And didn’t Sabby do well. Clever girl : )
    Glad you’re back Betty.

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