Posted by: Betty | September 11, 2011

10 years

Never Forget

2001 was a pretty good year for Paul and me. We had our second Grand child, Makayla. Ricky was 16, We had a few extra dollars. Our oldest was away at a law enforcement academy, fulfilling his life’s dream, Our second daughter got married in 2011. The summer of 01 was really great. Three of our four “kids” were in a softball league and Paul and I’d spent many summer evenings watching our grand kids while supporting their team. Paul’s mom, Marie passed away in February 0f 01 and in June, we had a family reunion in Northern CA where we reunited with our Northern CA family.. It was sad to say goodbye to Marie, but our Flocken Family was doing well the family had gathered together. Cousins met after many years and we were bonded again.

Katie and me - That day, her world seemed complete

Madi and Makayla, Easter 2001

Our Family January 6th, 2001

One of our many family gatherings in Murrieta CA.. Our going away party for Robbie

Robbie's Cake

Ricky turned 16, April 2001

Northern CA Family Gathering 6-01

Softball game - break Summer 2001 Katie, Carla and Makayla

Game Time; Summer 01

Madi and Pappys kicking back, our house in Murrieta.. Summer 2001

 So many gatherings and occasions we celebrated that winter, spring and summer. Our kids were growing up; we were close by and so much was celebrated in our family in 2001.

September 11th, I was getting ready for work when Paul called, telling me that a “small plane” had gone into the world trade center.. Believe it or not, at that time I wasn’t sure what the World Trade Center was .. I turned the news on and told Paul that it didn’t look like a small plane to me.. Fifteen minutes later, I was backing the car out of the driving and hitting the road for my 65 mile journey to work.  I didn’t have my cell phone with me at the time.  I was stunned to hear a second plane had hit the trade center.  The drive was slow and I was a talk radio listener.. I listened to Bill Handle at KFI in those days. He was very upset and as the drive progressed, My world seemed surreal. I felt bonded in shock and loss with the other commuters that day. The Pentagon?!  That was a horrible blow. Then I heard the Capitol building was hit (not accurate).. Kathie was suppose to be flying to Pittsburgh that morning and I was desperate to reach her to tell her NOT to fly.. As though all planes weren’t grounded.  Before reaching work, both buildings had come down..I could not believe or wrap my head around all the dead…I reached Irvine and stopped at a liquor store to use a pay phone to call my kids to tell them to stay home! Lyndsey went to work, Ricky went to school. When I got to work on the 11th floor in Irvine near the OC airport, the Moron I worked for (a tall moronic man).. informed us the best way to “fight back” was to do our jobs.. But oh don’t call in these zip codes because the addresses in NYC no longer existed.   Along with 300 of NY’s first responders.. Like equipment leasing had ANY importance that day?   He was pretty much ignored and his supervisors told us to go home.

I did go home… and hung the flag.. It wouldn’t come down for over a year. Neighborhoods all over the country looked alike.. Flags flying.

We all remember where we were that morning, what we were doing and feeling when we watched the buildings fall.. I was safe on the other side of the country; but I think we were all New Yorkers that day.  The heroes were the firefighters and Police who went into those buildings to get people out. The heroes were also the people on flight 93? who fought back and won the “first battle” of the 10 year war we’ve fought since then..

A lot of people don’t like former President Bush.. I still do.. I didn’t like a lot of his decisions over his next 7 years in office; but I never forgot his speech at ground Zero later that week, while talking to the fire fighters and police. His courage in NYC on the first day of the world series ; throwing out the first ball with basically a target on his back…the next month and his speech to the nation on the 20th.. I was 49 and felt like a scared child during those first few days and President Bush and his actions that week gave me hope and the feeling everything would be o.k… Mayor Guilliani (sp) was another hero. to me He was everywhere that day and you knew his courage, outrage, and pain..   All the people who lined up to give blood, the people in other states who traveled to NYC to feed the “rescue and recovery” workers were my heroes too.

New York and America responded to the hate that day; with Love for each other and determination to find the killers, and make them pay.  I heard on KFYI here in Phoenix Friday, a man who worked across from the World trade center. His brother was killed in one of the buildings.. He was a firefighter who went into the building to get people out.. His best friend was on the 104th Floor of the first tower hit. He said the killers didn’t win that day. Our country remained strong; our financial health wasn’t destroyed that day.. and Americans responded to the hate that day with love.. We went to church as Americans that Friday and prayed.  I understand that Bloomburg in NYC did not invite the first responders to the memorial today as there wasn’t room  ( let the politicians stay home then) and that there would be no clergy.. I wish he was a better Mayor.. Certainly no Guilliani..

So those are my memories of those days, and I’d like to know what my blogger friends remember and think today.

So, God Bless America, and I’m so proud that my fellow Americans prevented the killers from winning that day.. Yes lots of changes in our lives these past years; but they didn’t win.

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  1. I am always interested in hearing how everyone else heard the news and what their day was like. For some reason this year…I had time to sit down and watch the news that was being aired as it happened. We were unable to do that because…we were in Las Vegas and there were TV’s to watch of course…but we were more concerned with trying to figure out how to get back home. And we were on the road driving for 3 days so…we never really saw the news as it happened. I can only imagine what it must have been like for the people that were right there on the street as the towers collapsed. Or in the Pentagon when the plane hit…or for the loved ones that received phone calls from the passengers on the plane that landed in the field. Talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder….oh my gosh…just awful. Thanks for sharing your story Betty…

  2. I don’t any of us will ever forget that day. I blogged about this in the past I don’t think I had anything else to add. So yesterday’s mass was heard in honor of those who lost their lives in that infamous event. Yet her we are still standing and never defeated.

  3. There were many heroes on that day and after. They deserve to be honoured.

  4. I enjoyed reading your memories and seeing the photos. Took me back to my own 2001… So much has gone on since then. I had no grandkids until 2002 when Hunt was born. I love the Murietta /Temecula area (except it’s gotten so much more populated…)

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