Posted by: Betty | September 9, 2011

So anyway…. The i mac.. Is it really worth it? Don’t think so

I mean, is it really worth the extra money?

I bought my first IMAC in 2006, about 5 1/2 years ago.  It took awhile for me to get use to the differences between the PC and Mac programs but gradually I let go of windows completely and really liked the i work and i life programs.. There was also the “security” of knowing I didn’t need to invest in a computer virus protection program. This summer, I really needed a faster and lets face it.. bigger computer.. I negotiated with myself for months and finally spent the money on a new i Mac. I have enjoyed it and was able to transfer all my apple programs over.. A Few problems with programs crashing and initially I couldn’t get the “migration program” to transfer my old mac files to the new mac.. but nothing major.. until last night.. I couldn’t sleep and ended up in my office.  I got an e-mail from my website which I took as a scam immediately.. I made the mistake of opening the e-mail. and then the 2nd mistake of clicking on a link.. Though I knew it was a scam (i’ve gotten a few) I didn’t worry about a virus.. Well I should have.. Note to Mac owners – the viruses we don’t worry about are out there.

I went into my safari (mac’s internet thingy) shortly after that and got an alarming message.. from safari— I’d just won something—- yeah it was a virus .. I didn’t click on the OK button but then my safari program wouldn’t work — it froze still trying to open this winning page.. Well I pulled the plug.. yeah like that helps and tried for hours in the middle of the night to fix my mac..Eventually I downloaded a virus protection program for MAC – the cheapest I found was 49.99.. and that took the rest of the night… Norton didn’t find a virus after scanning for 8 hours.. On the advise from a good friend on Facebook, I called apple.. The computer is now 95 days old — maybe 100 days.. My 90 day call you free was up so ONE call would cost me 49.99.. yeah .. I tried talking to the “customer service” rep at apple and after being told there was no difference virus wise from PC to MAC and that basically it was my fault, I told him NOT to speak to me like I was an idiot.. I’m pretty sure I had hung up BEFORE the foul language came flying out of my mouth.. Yeah– He told me as with ANY car you still have to wear your seatbelt.. That was the moment, I paused and asked him what his name was… And then, on the other side of 50 , I realized I had just lost my temper and had no concern whatsoever about it.. I told him I’d quote him on Facebook and twitter ( I don’t even know how to use twitter) and hung up.. Ass

I decided what the heck.. clicked on the OK button for the prize I hadn’t won.. then click cancel to disable my mac from connecting to the site an voila.. after 10 hours, I’d fixed Safari.. Now that I have firefox.. do I really need Safari.. uh no..

I have time machine and back up but wasn’t able to go back in time to erase problems like I can on my laptop.. I ask.. was time machine worth it? No.  My Mac knowledge may not be what it should be, probably isn’t… but I think 49.90 for a phone call or pay the extended service  for 169.00 for 9 months after  90 days is not what apple advertises.

Well then.. I feel better. My brand (almost) new shiny mac is working now after all…

Have a great weekend.. and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. My daughters swear by Apple products, they don’t even know what a PC is anymore. lol Specially Nikki and all her graphic design programs. But yes, even with PC if you get the latest they won’t accept programs you had on the older PCs.

  2. Well that is really frustrating! I feel like an idiot when my computer does stuff like that….AND the guy on the phone should NOT have spoke to you that way. Little smart ass. My husband is a software engineer so we have all the latest stuff because he learns on them. He has a Mac, iPad, apple tv, and we both have iphones. I have a HTC Flyer Android tablet that I love and I use a Toshiba laptop. I like all of them…but I don’t use any of the Apple products enough to know much about them. Doesn’t it feel great to vent……love it!

  3. I’ve never had a bad encounter with apple. I’m sorry you did.

  4. I’ve decided this may have been a one time deal with Apple… and MAYBE my attitude MAY have played a part….. 🙂

  5. I never heard that you don’t need virus protection for a MAC? I use a free version of Avast on my PC, which has worked so far and on my netbook I have AVG, also a free version.

    I can’t believe $49.99 for a phone call though! That’s a rip off surely?
    On the other hand well done fixing it yourself. I have to call my local man which costs me £30 but he is very good and usually finds time to do a bit of sorting out any other problems as well.

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