Posted by: Betty | September 5, 2011

Road Trip

This guy would not get out of our way 😦

Kathie’s (my sister)  Grand Daughter,  graduated a year or so again with a degree in Engineering.  She got a job here in AZ in February working at a large Copper mine.  She lives in a company town which I didn’t know existed anymore,  in Marenci AZ.  All the homes are owned by the company, and if you’re lucky, you rent one for a really good price. Marenci is located ABOUT 20 miles from the State line with New Mexico..  It’s a long drive from Buckeye AZ which is on the far west side of the Phoenix Valley..  Kathie and I set out early Saturday morning on a quest to visit her oldest Grand Daughter in her new digs.

Growing up and reaching middle age in the giant suburban sprawl of freeways in Southern CA, I am still delighted when making a road trip through the more untraveled areas of AZ.  Highways – two lanes most of them, intersect our state and you see signs warning of cattle crossings and farmer crossings all across the state.   In our journey, we crossed over some mountains (more like hills) through Apache country, down through farm and cattle lands through Safford, then up to the mining country.  (I think it was up) .  Road trips are more carefully planned now with Kathie and I.. No more spontaneous trips to Las Vegas on a Monday Afternoon on Labor Day weekend.. 🙂  But we did travel over 4 hours each way.  I napped while Kathie and her grand daughter (another beautiful Red head by the way) did a short tour of this company town.

We pass through Globe AZ on the route we selected. Near the San Carlos Apache Nation

The area around Globe is really beautiful.

Arizona, is best known, I guess as a desert. It’s not all desert – HOT during our long summers – unless you’re in the “high country” where pines grow and snow falls.  During our trek from the Phoenix to Marenci, I was again struck by all the farming done in AZ and the towns along the high ways.

Kathie and our other beautiful red head on her street in Morenci


Driving home, we decided to take a “flatter” more traveled route through Tucson toward Phoenix.

I haven't seen this set up at a Rest Stop in probably 30 years.. Free coffee to Holiday weekend Travelers

Years ago, while a young(er) couple, Paul and I stopped at these rest stops in CA and took advantage of the coffee… ON THE OTHER SIDE OF 50, I didn’t consider it.. WHO MADE IT? WHAT MIGHT THEY HAVE SLIPPED IN IT???? And of course HOW LONG TO THE NEXT BATHROOM???? Ah yes..

Hope you’re all having a great labor day; thanks for taking the time to read my post today.




  1. I’ve taken motorcycle rides through that area, it’s beautiful. One of my favorites when we went to a casino in the San Carlos Indian Reservation.

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