Posted by: Betty | September 2, 2011

Observations from the OTHER side of 50

Lyndsey's first grade picture


Since moving to Waddell last year, I haven’t taken Sabby to school as much, but the last two days she’s spent the night with Gran and Pappys and so I’ve taken her to school. Yesterday I was “too early” and we waited in the car until the gate opened.. While sitting there I made several observations.. Our schools in this part of AZ are K-8 so I see kids of all ages coming and going.  1st the teaching staff at Sabby’s new school is much friendlier than at her old school.. All of them this morning in 91 degrees with humidity managed to smile and wave.. I like that in teachers. 2nd Jr high school aged boys still travel in packs.. I was most amused yesterday at how these 7-8th grade boys were greeting each other after their long two day weekend.. They approached each other and gave the hand bump hand shake.. Well now, aren’t we all grown up.. Girls hung around the boys much as I remember doing so in Jr high.  I love watching their tentative advances in the “grown up” social skills..  3rd  I’m very glad Sabby is still in 4th Grade.

This morning I was later, and we were almost late getting to school, then you have the mob scene of parents and children walking and driving their kids to school.. This morning I noticed ALL the pregnant moms walking their older kids to K-3rd (approx)..

I was reminded again, that despite it’s drawbacks.. Wrinkles, sagging in all the wrong places; pain, health issues, MEMORY issues.. I’m SO GLAD I’m the gran now a days and not the mom 🙂  Speaking of memory issues, I hit the button as I drove into “my” driveway and wondered why the door didn’t go up.. Then I noticed I was at the wrong house.. My door was coming up… Next door… Who says all newer homes in AZ don’t look EXACTLY alike? 🙂

Happy Friday everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. How funny you posted this. You should come and read my post today. You got to school too early cause that darn Jetta is just too fast. Yeah, I guess our time has passed and it’s time for the new generation to have their “good times”. Yeah , theses planned neiighborhoods, all houses look the same and they won’t let you personalize yours. lol

  2. I love your title….that would be a great name for a blog. Too funny about the garage door. I agree….I would much rather be the gran than the mom. Cute photo of Lyndsey!

  3. :))

  4. Driving into the wrong driveway is something I would do, ha…except we live on a corner now so it would be pretty hard, but all the houses here look the same.. fun post to read about your observations. Lindsey is really cute.

  5. I have to 2nd what you said about HAPPY being the gran & not the mom! Hallelujah! =)

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