Posted by: Betty | August 26, 2011

Izzy’s going to be six????

Moment of Izzy's Arrival 8-30-2011 a.m.

The Lopez Family 8-30-2005

Gran checking out my newest Treasure

Daddy with Makayla and Izabella Rose

Seems like yesterday my brown eyed beauty was born. She’s grown up quick.  She talked, mimicked her daddy, hung up on her daddy  in disqust, in dismay, when I broke my leg, she asked “did you cwy” ??!!! all before her 2nd birthday.

On my lap in November 2005, our last picture in our back yard in Gold Canyon, AZ

about 8 months

One of my favorites of Izzy.. She was only 8 months old and already used to Gran taking pictures.

Last November at the park near Gran and Pappy's house.

In January 2011 getting at that Piñata'...

Izzy is a delightful, happy, very intelligent beautiful little girl.  She’s right out there; always has been and I can’t get enough of her. She’s turning 6 now and as it has been with all of her cousins, I cannot believe how fast she’s grown.  She’s Lyndsey’s middle child and has brought an enormous amount of joy AND laughter to Paul and me.

We’re headed to Southern CA this weekend to celebrate Izzy and her sixth birthday.  Thanks Lyndsey and Victor for this amazing little treasure.  Izzy you are and will always be Gran’s brown eyed beauty!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post today.



  1. Happy Birthday, Izzy! Safe travels, Betty. Enjoy the party.

  2. Ditto

    I am now traveling to Cali as much as you guys do. lol
    Happy birthday to Izzy and many more.

  3. Happy Birthday to Izzy! She is a doll. And I love her name!

  4. She is so cute Betty; fun to see her photos….what a doll.

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