Posted by: Betty | August 24, 2011

Heat Rises… Again

Sunrise in July 2011 - Beautiful but oh what it signals....

In July, our 110+ temperatures go down as the Monsoon arrives in AZ. In early August this year we were treated to days in the low 100’s and mornings where there was even a hint of a cool? breeze out on the patio. I go out each morning with my coffee before the sun rises to enjoy the outside. This morning, however, Barney.. The collie… jumped up and ran growling toward the back corner of the yard, where I still could not see…. So, with Paul out of town for work, I gathered my kindle, and my cell phone and did what any normal thinking middle aged woman who watches too much court TV would do… I scurried into the house with the dogs and locked the slider..   I digress

The monsoon has taken a break this week and the temperatures are soaring up to 115  (117 Monday on my car’s thermostat) . I made the ridiculous statement before moving to AZ 8 years ago… “Once it hits 100 does it really matter?”  YES.. The heat becomes so oppressive that literally, my legs won’t do what I tell them too.. (could be the MS) .  I am, today, whining..  Yes, if one could hear me.. they’d mistake me for my three year old granddaughter, Sophie when she is ignored..

In the mid west and eastern US I guess it’s the winters that keep you locked inside for weeks.. Here it is the summer, when even the pool didn’t give the “desired” relief.. The water is like a warm bath and the sun is merciless..  How does life sustain itself here? Well it does as indigenous  plants thrive in this heat.  I am a CALI girl, born and raised where the ocean mist can cool even the low desert of the “Inland Empire” in Southern CA and never liked the desert.

The AZ desert, however, when properly viewed from the inside of an air-conditioned car, is truly amazing.  Orange dirt dotted with Green Mesquite trees.  In slighting higher elevations the Saquaros dot the desert off interstate 10 on our travels to and from AZ.. In the spring, the desert is alive with color. Just awesome…  I would imagine that life can flourish eventually anywhere given the time to evolve….   Mine has, even in AZ where three of my four kids don’t live…  Paul and I have built a good life.  I will always wish my kids had moved here when we did..but I can’t regret the decision we made to move here..  I’m a big believer in NOT regretting most decisions since we can never know where those “better choices” could have led us.. NOW I REALLY DIGRESS..  I really need to stop rambling on here..

Have a great day.. Hoping you all are having a good summer….and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.




  1. Yesterday I would have never known the temperature until everyone became the weatherman on facebook. I stay indoors and when I have to go out I ignore the heat as I know as soon as I am in my car it will be cool. I still say moving to Arizona was the best decission we did and just knowing the high temps are almost over and great riding weather is knocking makes everything worth while. I love it here

  2. That does sound hot. Temperatures are more moderate here, but along with the days getting shorter and cooler temps, I know winter is coming, and I’m dreading its arrival. While it may be hot there, at least you have the mornings and the evenings to get out. Here, it’s just freaking freezing all the time and worse at night.

    • Very true Rudee.. Don’t think I could tolerate it that cold

  3. I have been in Arizona during the summer and it was so hot I couldn’t take it. It may be a dry heat…but during the summer you really have to be inside under air conditioner. It is a beautiful state though. Glad you started blogging again!

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