Posted by: Betty | August 13, 2011


My Oldest Built a tree house for the kids.. Awsome

My sensational Six with their Uncle Ricky - My Youngest

The DOG days of August are plodding along.. Hot, Humid (it’s not always a dry heat in AZ) spotted with occasional  storms.. I sat out on the patio earlier this morning with my coffee and watched the lighting and listened to the thunder and was wowed by the ALMOST cool breeze.  Finally have my office cleaned and even dusted.. aahhh.. And fixed that damn blind on the window so it’ll maybe stay open for a while.. Hate dark rooms.

Sabby started School Monday, Madi and Conner on Wednesday and Makayla and Izzy started school again on Thursday. I couldn’t make it to CA this week and missed that exciting day.  They sure start school early these days.. Back in MY day, we got out in June and went back in September.. I liked that schedule.

The Sabster Loves to pose.. This was her first day pose..


First day of school pose with Pappys - who was doing yard work

Meanwhile, on Thursday, in California…

Izabella is ready for 1st Grade and Makayla is ready? for 5th Grade


I don’t have pictures yet for Madi and Conner’s first day… hint hint… Carla 🙂

The Cardinals got off to a great start Thursday night , beating the Oakland Raiders…. A Certain Raider fan… JOSH… Will be sporting a picture of Larry Fitzgerald on his Facebook page for a week… just as soon as he can figure out how to upload the picture … um hmmm…

Well, thanks for taking the time to read my “stuff” today..   Happy Weekend



  1. The grandkids are so cute. Love all the first day pics. a treehouse must be so fun for them. Nice catching up. Hope you get more cool breezes. Right now we are up at an Embassy suites in SLO. Cool air and today a good walk is in store, good food, etc. Feels so good to get away.

  2. O’ I was suppose to take pictures! Ooops! Maybe we can fake some.

  3. Betty you must agree with me, life is good! Love the post, love the pics, and the sensational six are… well sensational. 🙂

  4. Wow! All those lovely grand children starting over. I expect it will only seem like a short time when my youngest one starts school but just now, it seems like a long time ahead!

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