Posted by: Betty | August 3, 2011

Phoenix Children’s Museum July 30, 2011

This is an amazing "thing" the girls had a blast on Saturday.. Not sure what to call it

Saturday, I couldn’t get away with delaying the trip to Phoenix Children’s Museum any longer.. A promise I’d made to Sabby and she is relentless.. The girls had a great time. This structure greets all visitors upon entering the museum (an old school in Downtown Phoenix) and kids and their parents of all ages seemed to delight in all the turns and twists. It’s 3 stories high and super wide..  Gran loved all the seating provided for weary parents and Grand Parents.. I’d say the age range for maximum kid enjoyment would be between 3 and 6..  While driving home, Makayla said to Sabrina, we didn’t learn anything…. but we sure had FUN…

Behind the girls, is a display made from CD disks.. They were having a blast.. about 3 stories up on this shot.

Next stop.. That sand thingy...

Let's paint a castle

Sabby's Hand 🙂

Had a great time...

We had a great time. Katie came too.. She was pretty tired – recovering from a cold/flu.  Driving home we drove up Central in Phoenix to give the girls a quick tour of “our city”.. I love downtown/uptown Phoenix.. The girls were fascinated that  people really lived in the city up in those big buildings.. What can I say, we are a family with a long history now of living in the “Burbs” .. Naturally I gave Katie wrong directions and we got lost trying to find the freeway after that..

I miss Makayla and am looking forward to Sabby spending the night tonight.. I may take her to the Library tomorrow.. We’ll see.  It’s hot HOT again with Temperatures reaching 110-112 again.. Air is drier,  which means hotter..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Last year Michelle took the kids and also captured a picture of those CDs. They all had fun then. Diego say, “Wow grandpa, there you can touch all the stuff:. lol I have yet to go there and be a kid again. 🙂

  2. I think I would love that place!

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