Posted by: Betty | August 2, 2011

Early Morning in AZ on the Patio

Barney became great friends with Poppy (Lyndsey's Dog) while he visited with Makayla last week

Sunrise in AZ


Paul and I sit out most mornings in the very early morning..  In June and July the sun comes up as early as 4:30 .. This weekend, when the pictures were taken, it came up around 5:15.  We sit there in the early morning before the sun comes up and brings the temperatures up to intolerable. It’s nice to start our days here together. Typically I don’t notice the sunrise, since I’m “hiding” from it behind the patio post – avoiding the sun..  We are only a couple of months away from fall, when relief comes from the heat.

We spent most of our married life, rising, getting ready for work and getting to the Southern CA freeways long before dawn, so we now tend to be VERY slow to start our days.. i.e. house work,  Work or what have you.. I enjoy our local morning news show  (Good Morning Arizona) and sometimes we stretch our mornings — on Paul’s late days—- to watch the Price is Right..  I think after 30 years of “commuting” we kind of owe it to ourselves..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Hi Betty, how are you? Love the colors in that sky & the pups are so cute looking in the window. =)

    Thanks a million for stopping by & commenting… Hope all is well

  2. As I said yesterday, it’s nice to see you are back. Sunrises with a cup of coffee before it gets hot, how awesome is that.

  3. Very nice photos. Looks so peaceful!

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