Posted by: Betty | August 1, 2011

Life is a book

I’ve decided over the course of my life, that during times of trouble, worry, sadness,  etc, that whatever I was going through, was just a sad or difficult chapter in my otherwise happy book of life.. I agree with me…. And I think, Life is a book. Some books shorter than others; some long, some happy, some sad.. Some even crazy.. I’d say my “book” is normal, no fame, fortune or flags flying at half staff in the last chapter.. But in my normal book of life, I’d say that despite chapters of sorry or worry, occasional despair, it’s a very happy book, all in all.. My book is illustrated with lots of pictures.. Lots and Lots of pictures.. Has some background music too..

I Went to the Grand Canyon (southern Rim) for the first time last week with Paul, Makayla, Sabby and Sandi (Paul’s sister) Gosh it’s beautiful there.. ummm except for the gift shops and ice cream parlor.. Paul has hiked there several times but I am a stay at the top kind of gal..  Now there’s a pretty picture for my “book”

Adding to the beauty of this place is a certain redhead I know.....

AND her cousin, Makayla who spent a week with us.. (Wonderful week) last week..

I’ve been away from blogging for a while.. Like mom said – if you have nothing nice or upbeat to say… say nothing at all.. so I rambled to myself, watched TV, worked on photo shoots, photo editing and did a very small amount of traveling and large amounts of not much else.. Birthdays have been celebrated, kids, and gran kids have visited; The back yard has been planted and we’ve survived to August first this summer.. (without a pool).. That’s cool..  Actually this summer has been better than most (for us)  The monsoon season came early this year and our number of days where the temperatures swung into the 115’s and above have been minimal.. of Course one of those days came while Carla and I shoot a wedding – here- in Phoenix..118 Degrees…. You know a person CAN turn as red as the exit signs while photographing a family outside (even in the shade)  before/after a wedding.. Really – so says Carla..   I digress.. From what I’ve seen, we’ve been blessed in Phoenix with our full powered A/C’s while the rest of the country joins us in temperatures rising above 100 and without AC…

I’ve watched while editing photos, the Casey Anthony farce.. I mean trial.. and survived the not guilty plea as I did 15 years ago when I heard the same verdict for OJ Simpson.. I believe Justice comes from God some day – or maybe Carma?

The year was a hard one and while, the sadness surrounding me this year was not about me, but about the people I love, I decided a few times, it affected me.. a lot..  I also learned in May and June this year – again- that the 1st year may be the hardest but there is no magic cure when the 12 months end.. You just keep plugging along and things get somewhat better.. And you begin to actually celebrate life again.. Really Celebrate.

I got a Kindle from my niece for my birthday in March and Have read A LOT.. John Sandford  is currently my favorite author.. Lucas Davenport – star cop… While Paul watches the 3rd rerun today of The Rifleman – I sit quietly and supportive with my Kindle and help Lucas solve the latest MN Murder…  I’d read most of his books over the years – but a benefit of a very poor memory nowadays is that I can re-read a book from many years ago and NOT know who did it until the end.. again.. I’ve read almost all of them now – almost up to date.. Kindles are great if you haven’t gotten one yet.. For those of us of  a “certain age” it’s great — Print can be made bigger.. Yeppers, I’m a happy camper..

Hope you all are doing well.. I’ve “caught up”  on the latest chapters anyway…on my blogging friends and realized how much I’ve missed in the months I’ve been gone..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.




  1. If you had no bitter, you’d never learn to appreciate the sweet. I like your Book of Life analogies, Betty.

    I wish I’d never read a single John Sandford book. That way, I could read them all again as though I had never read them at all. I eagerly await his next offerings. Just in case you’ve skirted them, his Virgil Flowers series are good books, too.

    • ARK… I’ve caught up on ALL the Prey books, and Virgil flowers won’t visit again until October!!! I know your pain LOL… Tess Gerritsen is good – the Rezzoli and Isles series.. But I”m down to the last one and now I’ll have to find something else…

  2. Beeeeettttty! I miss ya, Love reading about you and the family and happy to see your all well. Wow, the girls have grown so much these past two years that I have been seeing them in pictures. Time flyes when you’re having fun.

  3. It’s about time you wrote another post! I will have to check out John Sandford. I read every night. This is going to sound weird…but I didn’t really like the Grand Canyon. Not sure why. Maybe because we only stayed for a couple of hours. Life is a book. We all have so many stories to share with each other. That is why I love blogging!

  4. I’ve missed reading your stories about the kids/family, esp the lil red head! heheheee
    some gorgeous shots you took at the GC, sure would love to go there myself.

    temps are soaring around here, but we’ve at least gotten some rain along the way, if only a little, but poor Texas hasn’t gotten any at all in about a month now. =0

    i’ve thought about getting a Kindle, it’d be nice to have, but i kinda like having all the books… makes me look smarter! LoL! =)

    I love how you describe your ‘Book of Life’, “lots & lots of pics & comes w/ background music, too.” I try not to get too awful deep at looking at my life, otherwise, I tend to get off path & sad, but it doesn’t always work that way, either.

    You said it right, God will take care of that Casey Anthony…

    God bless you & have a great summer =)

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