Posted by: Betty | April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Sabby and Uncle Ricky


Sabby and Katie


When asked what she wanted for her birthday; Sabby responded that she just wanted her Daddy back. She was, happ, however to open her new DSI.  I guess THIS is the last of the firsts….

Ricky Bouldering at Bryce Canyon

Sabby aka Red turned 9 yesterday; Ricky turns 26 today.

Sabby still amazes me; her quiet courage, little old lady wise ways and brilliant smile never cease to make me smile.  It’s been a hard year for the Sabsters.. Lots of loss and lots of changes.  She’s set an example even to the adults in her life…

Rick I’m so proud I’m your mom; You’re such a good person; Your nieces and nephews adore you; Never once have I not been proud and happy to be your mom.

Today I’m feeling grateful for two of my special April blessings.. I have a lot of them; Lyndse born on 4/1, Makayla born April 7th, Our Anniversary on 4/15, ending up the month with Sabby and Ricky..



  1. Happy birthday to all!

  2. Lots to be thankful for. I love the smiles on Katie and Sabby. They are very photogenic!

  3. Oh wow, and the kids just keep on growing. Happy Birthday Sabby. Love the pictures as always. Hope all is well in your neck of the woodsl (((hugs)))

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