Posted by: Betty | April 21, 2011

A Day of Hope, Family and Glimpses of Heaven


Last weekend, Aly and Saul’s family and friends came from as far as Boston (that I know of) to c

reate the largest team at Sharon’s Ride, bike Walk against Epileps in Mission Bay CA. My sisters and I met Saturday to stay together in a nearby hotel.. Our first time together in 13 years – THAT was a very special night.. Team Franky Pie was #2 in donations in our first year of  involvement and had the largest team of walkers (over 93).  I walked about 5 miutes 🙂 but took a lot of pictures.  Little Franky is quite little warrier and slept through most of the day like a good little boy. His mom, Dad, Sisters (Kat and Emma were surrounded with love and support..  It was truly a remarkable day at Mission Bay SanDiego and as I watched it all unfold, not just on Team Franky Pie but with all the Teams attending and all the participants, continued to be overwhelmed at all the laughter and Love in Mission Bay Sunday..4/17… My sisters and I had a too short but wonderful time together.   Over 12,000 was raised by Team Frankie Pie which put us in #2 place.

Thanks to all of my friends and family who responded to my e-mails and posts about our fund raising attempts.

Two of my sisters, as I, have M.S. … THEY however worked toward the goal of completing a 5k walk for Little Franky.. Kathie, my sister, and Franky’s Grammy referred to the occassion and the fund raising activities as “Swinging Back” … Against lifes blows? Against news that continues to be blurred or bad, against Franky’s unknown problems causing Seizures and CVT..

Here are some of the many pictures I took that day.

Kathie, Mary, Betty and Peggy at the Sheridan

Getting Ready for the “after walk” Party

Franky and his Great Aunts and Grammy (holding him)

Grammy with the Team Sign


Madrina (me) with Franky and Aunt Devn

Daddy (Saul) Passing out team Franky Shirts

Peggy, Kathie and Mary

Makayla and her Great Aunt Mary

Makayla, Franky and Lyndsey

Aunt Devyn

Finishing the Walk

Aly and Franky Finishing Up

It’s on the shoulder’s of the people we love that we stand, to peer over the fence to get  a glimpse of heaven….  It is the  smiles on their faces; the sound of their laughter and the joy we feel when surrounded by the our loved ones that surely are “small glimpses” of heaven….bf

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today



  1. Grrreat job to everyone & GOD bless you all! Looks like ya’ll had a lot of fun! =)

  2. wow, great photos and inspiring to read…what a day…

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