Posted by: Betty | April 5, 2011

Team Franky Pie

Franky Pie

Franky was born last June. He is a beauty; My Grand Nephew, My twin Sister’s Grand Son. He was born shortly before his Poppa, My brother in law, Robb, died last summer.  His first seizure was shortly after his birth and he made his first of 10 subsequent trips to the NICU at Children’s Hospital in San Diego.  His Epilepsy is due to “unknown” causes and Aly and Saul have searched for answers/diagnosis for over 9 months.   They found a doctor last month who gave them a prescription for glasses that force Franky to focus so there is hope for his sight now.

Aly and Saul, Kat and Ema (Team McD) have “swung back” as My sister Kathie said. They are joining a Walk in San Diego on April 17th … Sharon’s Ride.Run.Walk for Epilepsy and sent an e-mail out to family and friends about 6 weeks ago..  Asking for help and prayers in their efforts to help raise money for research…

Hope is powerful. It’s what keeps us going when life smacks us upside our heads and knocks us down; it keeps us going when the news or events in our lives seem overwhelming.. Hope for better days ahead, hope for a cure, a diagnosis , an answer or simply strength to keep on going..  I’ve learned so much from my sister Kathie and  I love, respect and admire Team Mc D.. (my niece, her husband, Kat and Aly).. as they swing back in their way by participating in this walk; they continue to continue and always with their unique humor.

Family and Friends have responded with support that is amazing.  Gran/Madrina/Aunt Betty  ME  is walking.. OR sitting taking photos.. In Beautiful Mission Bay San Diego, CA.  If I’ve registered and wear a t-shirt… doesn’t that count as a walk???? We’ll see.. My sisters (all of us) will be together at the same time in San Diego for the first time in over a decade. I’m happy.

Please keep Team McD in your thoughts, and prayers as they fight for the BEST possible future for Franky Pie and daily work to help him reach his full potential in life..

Oh and IF you’d like to help  here’s the link 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.


  1. What a doll he is. I will check back later and see what I can donate. I sure hope someone will be able to help him. Prayers being sent his way.

    • Thanks Brenda! The prayers are needed more than donations! THANKS

  2. Oh…definitely prayer and hope and faith are wonderful things and that baby is so precious! I hope the day turns out great for all of you and may he reach his full potential. Your family has been through so much.

  3. Awwww, cheering for Frankie, go, go, go, Frankie.

  4. What a brilliant family you are. Sending you wishes for the best for Frankie and lots of success in the fund raising (Oh and yes – taking pics in the registered tee shirt definitely counts as walking 🙂

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