Posted by: Betty | April 1, 2011

59 is OLD

The Batteries are “dead” on the little cars but Conner and Sabby have “adjusted”.. Pretty much what I wanted this walkway for.

I’ve had a great week with Madi Conner and usually Sabby here.  I’ll admit to being tired and on one occasion, using the uh.. F word upon walking into the bathroom, and finding both Madi and Sabby in the shower fully clothed “washing up after their mud fight earlier”..  The shower door hung perilously close to falling off BOTH hinges and hung ajar hanging only from one hinge.. Both girls were completely unconcerned that this MAY have killed them and couldn’t understand why Gran was so mad….  Uh; mud fights; mountains of towels; mud all over the bathroom and a heavy glass door close to falling on two of my grand dauthers.. Maybe that was it..

Just saying… We’ve had some unexpectedly hot weather in Phoenix.. Close to 95 yesterday.. Hot today too, so not much outside fun to be had today.

Working on a broken wheel on one of the cars

Madi Girl

Conner is making Pappys walkway “better”

And of course the “bridge Picture”

Today the kids are busy while Sabby is in school (despite her claims that she’d Puked in the toilet and should stay home)  Sabby is working on her book on my laptop and conner wanting to make a book but NOT with writing is busy cutting out pictures I printed for him to put in his book.

I remember now, why YOUNGER people have kids.. 59 is SO OLD.

AND today I’m reminded of my age, as Lyndsey my youngest daughter, turns 30 today..  Honey, I’ve been dazed, confused by you and so proud of you ever since that morning 29 years ago when a beautiful dark haired baby was placed into my arms..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Awww….I loved this post Betty! I so agree with you about feeling old. Women usually can not have children of their own after late 40’s because they can’t take care of them. It is exhausting! The mud fight would have pushed me over the edge too….but the after story is kind of funny.

  2. *Laughing* 60 is even older! And mud fights would just about finish me off!

  3. Betty I hear ya! I have …besides my usual kids I watch….my two from up north ocming down to stay while their parents go to Italy ..they will be here Thursday night and don’t go home until the …following Saturday – over a week… a few days they will be at their other grandparents. I truly am not sure I’ll live through this, as we will still have the others over a lot and my sis, her daughter and her little granddaughter are staying for a few days…

    I enjoyed the post and the pics. The kids are all so cute..

    and I feel old lately…

  4. ooops this was posted from one of my other websites, so putting this post here which will take you to my main one…

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