Posted by: Betty | March 24, 2011

Spring Breaks

Sabby’s school has spring break the middle of March Last week; Madi and Conner are in Temecula School dist in CA  has their spring break the last week of March and the first week of April…Makayla & Izzy are in Murrieta Schools (border’s Temecula) and their break is the second and third week of April.. This works pretty good for Gran (me) since I can spread out the spring vacations with the kids for Paul and Me..  I only had Sabby a couple of days last week but we made the most of it by going to the local Library.  I got a library card— Things have sure changed since I was a kid— The White Tanks branch of Maricopa County Library is beautiful. Inside are windows with panoramic views of the White Tank foothills and Saquaro cactus trees abound.  I was in awe but Sabby got straight to work; finding her books.. I talked her into a Laura Wilder book – On the Banks of Plum Creek – the only one I could find in the series.. My favorite books as a kid.. And she got some “scary” ones – part of a series she likes.. They also lend out movies at this library – old ones.. She’s never seen ET so we got that one for her..

I plan on taking Conner and Madi next week while they visit- to the library. Conner told me he LOVES books… I explained to Conner (6) on the phone yesterday that Gran and Pappys don’t have a pool in our new house.. “I KNOW” he told me very excited, “you can, you can, you can dig a big hole in the middle of your back yard.. Put white stuff inside… let it dry and fill it with Water!!!!”  He is very excited to vacuum Gran’s house.. Am I lucky or WHAT..

Conner with Izzy – March  8th 2011

Makayla on left, Madi on right – Doing their dance routine at Conner’s 6th Birthday party March 8th 2011

Conner and Madi – Photo taken by my very talented daughter-in-law Carla

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today..




  1. Lovely photos!

  2. I would be visiting the library a lot with that view! Great photos of the kiddos. Love the dance show one also. Maddie is always having us watch her dance shows.

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