Posted by: Betty | March 14, 2011


Sophie turned three in January. These are my daughters, Katie and Lyndsey… Well I CAN tell you they WERE sober while having their cake fight.  I guess when all end up laughing.. no harm no foul…

I couldn’t believe how long it’d been since I’ve posted.  I’ve stopped whining about the cold and today started whining about the heat.. Poor Paul.

We’ve made progress since my last post. The brick pathway in the back is NEARLY done and the bridge has been included in the “scape”.. We’ve a long way to go but I’m pleased at the progress.

Katie and Sabby have moved into their very own place – a cool apartment in Surprise; She’s decorated it with her own style and I love it.. Sabby did her own room…. I love that too..   Kathie (my sister) has settled into her new home in Buckeye. I accompanied her on many trips to the fabric store and Pier One Imports while she made curtains, and decorated her new home.  It’s beautiful and so Kathie.

I have FINALLY started hanging photos in my office.. Talk about procrastination.  But there are a lot of photos to hang and I will hang from eye level to the high ceilings.. When I asked Kathie yesterday if she thought photos above the closet was “too much”  she smiled and said.. “Not for you Betty”..  Once I get done,  and get pictures taken and converted to jpg, I’ll post them.. Can’t you just wait?  🙂

Paul is out buying a tree or two and thinks I’m doing house work; so I will end this first post in months and get the house cleaned before he gets home.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I love the pictures of the backyard!!

  2. Glad to hear things are going well Betty : ) And isn’t it fun hanging photos – we have a sort of gallery of old family photos on the stairs which we hung this year. Makes a good excuse to stop now and then!

  3. Hi Betty! Wow you have been busy! My grand daughter turned three in January also. I didn’t know you moved, but that is exciting. After it is all settled down that is. Moving is never an easy thing…I don’t think. Your family always seems to make the best of things and you show it in your photos. Love the cake fight!

  4. Wow, well Betty, welcome back! Welcome back!

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