Posted by: Betty | November 28, 2010

Baby Boomers and Bob Dylan

I heard once that Bob Dylan’s “The Times They are Changing” was the “theme song for a generation”. I’ve always liked that song and it’s on my cd play list.  Some of the words offend me. The words that seem to put down the generation (the greatest generation) that raised the Baby Boomers.. I am one of those boomers, and feel strongly that we were raised by the “greatest generation”…

Many of us were raised in the suburbs of larger cities. I was.  Life was good and safe for the most part; we played outside until “the street lights came on” then went home to family meals eaten together. I know now; that every story behind those doors and homes lit up with families eating were different; some happy, some not so happy.

We learned about the bomb as we got older and entered school or watched Walter Cronkite over dinner; we learned of the Threat of communism at the same time;  Our generation made it’s share of mistakes I think. We wanted to throw out everything from our parents’ time (some of us) and had little or no respect for the sacrifices made by our parents. Many of us treated our own generation poorly (fellow boomers who served in the military) and not only were they not respected – they were treated and talked to at airports as baby killers — we’ve gotten that right in our older years too, most of us…

In the 70’s while raising families; we again made mistakes raising our own children, but I think we eventually got it right and did an o.k. job with our kids;  we left the days of the “hippie” behind and the word Yuppie made it’s debut… Greed is good?  I think, most of us learned from our mistakes as parents  and make better grand parents now..  I’m surprised when I hear (which I do often) that the best people to hire are still the boomers.. more responsible; harder workers etc.

We’re retiring now as the oldest boomers turn 65. I’m annoyed when I hear politicians or reporters say we can’t afford Social Security for the “boomers”.. What happened to the trust fund?  Whaa whaat? you took OUR money out of the trust fund, used it and now say we can’t afford social security.. (I’ll digress here and say then GIVE ME BACK ALL the money TAKEN from my check in almost 40 years in the workforce AND all the money my employer paid over all those 40 years PLUS interest at the going rate for each of the 40 years I worked.. GIVE IT BACK.)

Hearing Bob Dylan today, singing a couple of the songs I like best; including his version of Forever Young; I thought about my generation – the boomers. I think we made mistakes; I think we did some good; We didn’t change the whole world but we changed our own worlds; We’ve learned to appreciate our parents’ generation and value their sacrifices. We ended up working hard during our lives; women again took their place in the workforce but this time didn’t leave; and our daughters know they can be more than teachers or nurses — and by more I mean other careers are open to them;  and things are a little better because we walked on this planet; or I hope they are. I always wanted to be able to think that my own world and the lives I touched were a little better because I walked here and I like to think that it’s better because the Boomers walked here too… I MUST be tired I ramble tonight more than usual.




  1. I love your ramblings. I saw on facebook where you wanted to vacuum when you couldn’t sleep. Ha… This is what you should have done. Some of my best reflections came from not being able to sleep at night. I agree of course with much of what you think and feel because we are similar in age. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. One thing I think that is different in the way that we raised our kids is that they..our kids.. may be able to relate to us a little better. After all…we knew the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin…etc. etc. Now it may be time to protest again…to get our social security benefits back. We could all dress up like we did in the 60’s. Just kidding…but the thought is comical. Great post Betty!

  2. I like most of what Bob Dylan has written, but I’m not too crazy about his voice. I like to hear other people cover his songs.

    We should be thankful that women can become anything other than nurses, but we should worry about what that means in the long run. Forty-five is the average age of a nurse. Who will care for us when we really need it?

  3. Ramble on Betty, ramble on.

  4. How funny Betty, I just put up a cover by Baez of a Dylan song. Anyway, I agree with what you wrote…

    Give it back damn it!!

  5. Inspiring rambles Betty : )
    Happy Christmas!

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