Posted by: Betty | November 26, 2010


We talk about being Thankful this weekend every year. I’m of course grateful for many things.. This year it hit me… I was grateful I wasn’t this guy!

Today, I’m grateful for Paul, my kids, my “kids’ in laws”, my grandkids, my sisters, brothers, nieces nephews, other family and good friends. I’m thankful for my parents and their wisdom; I’m thankful this year is nearly over and that 2011 will be a good one.

Right now, I’m really thankful I am NOT out shopping on Black Friday.. Not even Katie’s “pleeease mom” worked this year..  I will eat left overs and watch TV while Paul works this “Black Friday”.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s gathering..

Katie and Ricky

Katie and Aunt Sandie

Thinking of you Captain….

Caught this one of Sabby after dinner.. She really was reading this book.. for fun…

Thanks for taking the time to read my post today



  1. Love seeing your photos and what you are thankful for. Black Friday shopping is too weird for words.

  2. I had to look up Black Friday. Good choice to avoid it I think 🙂 Also good sense to be grateful – especially for not being a turkey 🙂

  3. Love the pictures, especially of Paul & Ricky taking out the Turkey! We too were thinking of the Captain! We missed you all this Thanksgiving!

  4. I don’t get around in blog world much lately but hope that everyone is “healing” from the losses you’ve all experienced lately and looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving.

    Hope you have a great Christmas Season Betty.

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