Posted by: Betty | November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Sophie running at the little park near our house.

The move is over and MOST of the pictures are hung.. I did have to tell Paul that you don’t look DOWN at photos on the wall.. (I’ll re-hang those photos when he goes to work today). The yard is all dirt but that will take time. I’m happy with the new place; the price; the floor plan and the roominess in the rooms. My office here is bigger and I still have a view of the street.

I’m tired and glad October, with all the weddings I shot; the packing and moving is behind me. I’m trying to “keep” this house up so I’m not faced with the daunting task of catching up.. However; I’m constantly cleaning up and that’s a drag.. 🙂

My dogs are amazing. My border collie,  Shane and Regular collie Barney are “great guys and great buddies”.. Last week we had the treat of a visit from Lyndsey and three of our grand daughters, Makayla, Izabella and Sophie.. And we “snuck” Sabby out of school to spend the day with her cousins.. Sophie is 2 1/2  and can literally break glass when she screams in fear.. No warning.. JUST  a spine splitting scream.  My sister in law paid us all a visit while Lyndsey was down and brought my new little buddy, Otto ( dachshound) (sp) who barks).. He wasn’t going to hurt Sophie but went at her barking his meanest bark (he’s all of 12 inches high).. Sophie just stood there screaming.. Before any of us could rescue her.. OR shut her up.. Shane and Barney had control of the situation.. They sped over and without threatening Otto, they herded him away from little Sophie, coming between her and Otto.. I’m so proud of my dogs. They’re so protective of my grand kids..

Sophie and Barney

One of the best parts of this new house… The Bridge is back… we’ll figure out a way to incorporate it into the yard… Thanks for building that dad..

Our Friday crew

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today. Have an incredible Thanksgiving!



  1. Sophie & Barney are both beautiful, but in very different ways, of course! Heheheee
    That’s so cool that they got between her & the big bad barking dog, that’s very cool!!!

    Glad you’re moved in & all is going so well – ya’ll be careful & God bless!!!

  2. It’s nice to see you posting. I was certain you’d been gobbled up by facebook. Hope all is well.

    • LOL Rudee! NEVER.. I do facebook to “watch over my kids” and staying in touch but it can’t replace blogging..

  3. Yah, it’s about time you posted! How can I distract myself from cleaning the bathrooms if I don’t have any new blogs to read! I wish you all were comming out for Thanksgiving…it’s going to be weird this year. Anyway, on a happier note I too am so Happy the Bridge is back! I’m sure after all of us kids fight over who’s yard it should be in, our kids and our grandkids, will also cherish that beautiful bridge! Thanks Grandpa Enny!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family, Betty, & GOD BLESS!!!

  5. Lovely to see you back Betty.
    Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you’ll be very happy in your new home after all the work you’ve done.

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