Posted by: Betty | October 21, 2010

Blessed end of Heat.. and whatever else.

So, we’re moving. I’m trying to pack, organize my office before moving and October has been real busy for shooting weddings. So I spend a lot of time at my computer downloading, and editing photos.   I don’t spend as much time packing as I should be and when I heard there may be a delay in closing; I wasn’t upset.. I thought GOOD another week.

This summer taught me that no building, security or anything monetary (unless it’s camera toys for me) is important really. Words I’ve always mouthed but now feel to the core of my being.  Life after death is no longer a concept I believe in. I know it is there and I trust God.

I wish the lesson hadn’t been so costly for people I love; but I will hold on to it and know it.

It’s cooling off… A LOT in Phoenix. I need a sweater and lots of blankets these days.  NOT that I’m complaining; this summer was especially brutal in Phoenix.

We’re moving fairly close to where we are now but out of Buckeye and even though I hate the packing and going through paperwork and keepsakes I’ve not even looked at since taking possession of it twelve years ago, I  refuse to move these “treasures” one more time and will be glad to be in our new, smaller home. A Smaller home has both advantages and disadvantages. Not nearly enough wall space in the new place. No more the long hallways filled with family moments.. I have to figure out which photos are not going to be in the new house.  I am having conflict with Paul who thinks the painting of cowboys riding their horses into a bar should make the cut… Yeah.. uh NO.  I’m not looking forward to putting in yet another yard but am looking forward to our gatherings in our new home and yard.. Probably no more pools.. Sorry to all my grand babies.. Do what I did.. run through sprinklers… That’s what I’l be doing next summer.

Kathie has moved to her new home and is getting settled in. Katie will stay here until she gets her own apartment; in a month or 6.  When we bought this  new house, in May, Rob and Adam were still alive. Who’d have thought Kathie would be moving before we did.. Well not me.

Sabby brought her report card home today.. All A’s and B’s.. My office faces the street she walks home on and I watch for her everyday.. preferring the days I walked to meet her.. I called out to her but she um.. “didn’t hear me” other kids were walking behind her… Ah 3rd grade; makes me glad I’m old.

I hope you’re all doing well and that your autumn isn’t too cold where ever you are.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Well…this explains why you haven’t been blogging for awhile. I thought all homes in Arizona came with a pool. Ha…just kidding. We need to downsize also. Just thinking about everything involved in the process makes us delay it. Unless we put it up “as is”. That is good news about Sabby’s report card. She has been through a lot as you all have. Hugs!

  2. You’re moving?! Oh I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, but I hope it goes flawless for you!
    Ya’ll be careful & happy in the new place – maybe ya’ll can get a pool later? for the grandkids? LoL! But sprinklers are nice too! Heheheee

  3. Your moving!! I know the feeling of getting the house packed. We have gone through months of sorting, cleaning, painting, fixing up, remodeling a bathroom, only to just now get it on the market.

    I hope you enjoy where you are moving. Your family has had so much loss lately. I trust the move will bring new energies to you all.

    We can’t wait to downsize. I’m with you, nothing material means much of anything anymore…

    I think it’s age.

  4. Glad to hear camera toys are still important : )
    Moving is hard work, I’m sure the day will come when we have to downsize though we don’t plan to. But a big house is a lot of work. And of course a move is an adventure as well as a pain!
    Good luck with it Betty, you and your family deserve a break.

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