Posted by: Betty | September 19, 2010

Paul turns 60


Paul turned 60 last Sunday.. AND I thought he was oldwhen he turned 30!  He didn’t really want a party.. Too hard for all the kids to get here on a weekend. And he didn’t really see having a party without “The Captain”  My late brother in law.   So we headed to Prescott for the day last Sunday and to spend one night in a historic hotel.. GREAT Service, neat room and the elevator needed to be operated by an employee..

We’ve seen just about everyone connected to the Earp Brothers and Doc Holiday.  Big Nose Kate is buried in Prescott.. So… You know where this is going.  Prescott is a beautiful old and new town in Northern AZ.. about 2 hours from Phoenix, but weather wise, it is a million miles away.  Beautiful..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today



  1. Happy birthday to Paul!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Paul. That will be the age my hubby and I turn next time. I can’t remember if I have ever been to Prescott. It seems like I have. Bad Memory…

  3. Hope Paul is enjoying the beginning of his new year : ) Sounds as though you had a great day out anyway.

  4. I was checking the weather just now on NOAA & it shows a tornado warning by Flagstaff, AZ & a tornado watch for a large portion of AZ – Just wondering if you & your family are ok!

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