Posted by: Betty | August 25, 2010

Beetle Mania?

Last January, I got a new car in an economy move. It also happened to be my dream car. 2009 Volks Wagon Beetle. Far from the 1960’s and 70’s models, these new ones come loaded with leatherette seats, power windows and doors and a 6 cd changer. Also a spot for your mp3 player (if you have one) and Satellite Radio (which I haven’t turned on yet) for 6 months free. In July,  after Adam passed away, and not being able to take back the payments he’d been making on the Jeep commanders, I called Vic again at Larry Miller Volks wagon here in Avondale AZ. I explained our situation and he told me he’d try to help. He did; we walked away that day, with a great deal on a baby blue bug which Katie will be paying and no Jeep Commander or broken down Jeep Liberty we were still paying for.

Saturday, Kathie was car shopping. Her old friend (the chevy van, aka the Grammy Van) was finally dead and she needed a new car. Kathie always wanted the VW Beetle but was firm she couldn’t afford one. She had a firm budget and would not budge from her price point—-out the door. While I was skeptical, I wanted her to at least try to get her old dream car and once again I called Vic at Larry Miller Volks Wagon. I explained her circumstances and he promised to do his best. He gave her a great deal on her trade in (one we were not sure would make it to the dealership) came way down on the price and met Kathie’s price point. Well, within 215.00.

Kathie drove away in a car she really likes not a stripped Nissan and is very happy driving her car. AT a price she wanted to pay.  Paul put Robb’s Captain Bars in the front seat so Rob would be driving home with her…. Our sister Mary, the voice of reason against Paul’s and my voices of GET THE BUG. Drove home with them.

Anyone, even close to Avondale AZ should call Vic at Larry Miller Volks Wagon BEFORE going anywhere else.

You’re the BEST and Thanks again Vic. The Beetles won’t bring Robb or Adam back but they can’t help put an occasional smile to Kathie and Katie’s faces.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I love that yellow bug! Next time I buy a car, I’ll come there for a deal.

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