Posted by: Betty | August 13, 2010

School starts in AZ and CA

Sabby’s Ready for the 3rd Grade! AZ 8-4-2010

Too big for hand holding, she bravely walks with her Pappys around the corner to her first day of school.

I see in her eyes; the fear, the excitement and NOT wanting to ruin a photo op in Sabby’s little face.

Book Bags at the ready in CA

All ready! Makayla, going into 4th grade, Sophie – thinks it’s her day; and Izabella starts Kindergarten – Class of 2023!!!

A little nervous but VERY excited!

I saw some first day jitters in Makayla’s face but shortly after that a friend from last year, ran up to give her a huge hug and they sat down next to each other.. Mick o.k. — CHECK

Meanwhile, over in Temecula…. After dropping off the girls in Murrieta, we raced down to Conner’s first day of Kindergarten.. He looked about as bored as I felt during the teachers, Long LONG orientation, but did great and was all smiles as his mom, dad, Aunt Lyndsey and Gran & Pappys left him to his first day of school.

We had a wonderful time in CA this week where 4 of our 6 grand kids started school in CA. Madi, being in 6th grade – middle school would NOT be photographed but her mom did catch a few from the distance she was allowed to stay while Madi, all grown up, walked into her first day of middle school..

Here’s our Madi at her 5th grade Graduation in June.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I love that 3rd shot of Sabby… she’s so pretty! The other girls, as well, love that pink hair bow (hair piece?) & Makayla’s tshirt… ROCK ON!!! LoL!

    Quite an eventful day – And you’re not the proud doting gran either, are ya?!???!! Heheheee

  2. My how they’ve grown! Sabby looks thrilled!

  3. What a wonderful post filled with grandparents love..this was cool seeing all the kids reading for their first day. Sabby is the same as Hunter who will be starting third grade tomorrow. Today we are taking him for some school clothes, and taking Jacob and Mac with us.

  4. You have the best looking grandchildren ever! I bet their parents are gorgeous!

  5. Oh all those lovely children off on the big school adventure. It must be so exciting having so many grandchildren all going to school.
    Yours start so early! Our new term doesn’t start till September!

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