Posted by: Betty | August 2, 2010

Oh Sabby

Sabby amazes me. Her laugh lights up a room, both musically and visually.  Since she and her mommy moved back with Paul and me.. She brightens my day. She has to be reminded A LOT to turn off the TV when she leaves a room; I’ve gone back to the back of the house to tell her to turn off the TV in the front room more than once.

Tonight, before leaving with her mommy in their new Beetle Bug— she said.. Uh Gran, you left a TV on in the back   room……. Ah Sabby. I’ll miss you when you go back to School Wednesday.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Well they both look sweet to me!

  2. Heheheee! That smile IS infectious! They’re starting school already? WoW!

  3. That’s so funny! Glad to see your daughter and granddaughter are doing fine.

  4. You mean you have two bugs in your house now? LOL — Now, now, you know I am talking about the cars.

    How awesome they are back, I know that for sure brightens your day.

  5. How cute she is!!

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