Posted by: Betty | July 2, 2010

“Dogs do not negotiate”

Yesterday, while watching Good Morning AZ with Paul, there was a live report from a scene where Swat was brought out along with their dogs; to get a guy out of a mobile home he’d been burglarizing.  There are several mobile home parks in different parts of the Phoenix Valley – inhabited by many “snowbirds” (people who come out only for the winter from colder climates). This makes burglary a problem during the summer months.  They were ready to send in the dogs.. who… as the reporter indicated “Do not Negotiate”.. He’s right.. mine don’t. When told to get down, they ignore us; when told to stop barking; they ignore us; Barney – the collie won’t destroy my shoes in front of me.. He waits until I leave the room or waits until he happens upon my shoes when I’m out or sleeping. BUT there is no middle ground with Shane and Barney. They take turns with each other , being the Alpha male.. With us.. they both are the Alpha.. I don’t think we train dogs well.. sigh..

When told to “get down!” he ignored me but did smile for his picture with Paul. He really is a Barney

I sleep a lot on that couch behind Shane. My lovable Border collie will NOT leave my side.. Even when I’m trying to get off the couch and have to step OVER him.. He’s my love; my shadow and my little buddy.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Doesn’t Barney know he’s way tooooo big to be a Lap Dog!!! Too Funny!

  2. I never learned to have pets. But love to see how others enjoy them so much. Your dogs are beautiful.

  3. Our Nutmeg is totally not Alpha 🙂 He spends most of his time trying to get out of the way of all the other people here, including the cat. Sadly, he’s not very good at it and spends the rest of his time apologising!
    He’s still a sweet and loveable dog – and it looks like your two beauties are too : )

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