Posted by: Betty | June 28, 2010

Life goes on in the Desert

Last Saturday we said goodbye to Adam and Wednesday we said goodbye to Robb. I helped with photos; leaflets and slide shows.  Life is slowly getting back to what will become normal. Katie and Sabby moved home yesterday. I think the transition is hard for Katie. Well I know it is but I’ve told her lately when she says this shouldn’t be happening… “But it did and so it is”.. Too harsh?

Kathie’s kids have gone home and although she continues be be surrounded by love, it is from several different states. I’ve split my time between helping Katie move and snoozing on Kathie’s couch with her. There is something irrasitably  comfortable about Kathie’s house and we’ve slept / dozed through three afternoons together. Thank goodness, Sabby (my redheaded companion) is a very good little 8 year old and doesn’t, either wake the “sleeping ladies” or use the opportunity to get into trouble.

She’s equally comfortable at her great aunt Kathie’s house and either watches cartoons or puts in a disney movie.

I continue to marvel at Kathie’s wisdom and courage. While driving this morning, we talked and Kathie remarked that she’d told someone once after a particularly painful time; that “Pity Party Place is a good place to vacation but you can’t live there”  Kathie and I have been together since before we were born; in one form or another. All the BEST things about me I learned from Kathie and even into my fifties, I find I continue to learn from her.  I hope she can help Katie the way she’s always inspired me in life.

Don’t get me wrong. THERE WAS NO reason for Robb’s death, or Adam’s. I believe crap happens; God will help get you through it, if you ask him.. Period. I’m glad that Katie can gain strength, courage and knowledge from Kathie as I continue to in life.

Meanwhile, life goes on in the desert. It’s 111 degrees today and I’m pretty much done with Summer here in the oven. I hear our governor is upset with the WhiteHouse but have yet to pay attention to why—  A new Supreme Court nominee? Did I forget that? The oil spill now hitting our beaches?  Life goes on without us while we’re distracted in other directions.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog tonight.



  1. And so we pray for hope and better times ahead. Love your post as always, makes me feel like a part of your family, and I share your happiness and your sorrow. But I still like my oven a.k.a. Phoenix. Politically we are a mess, but I know we will come out of that too.

  2. So sorry to hear your family has been hit with some major heartbreaks. Time helps ease the pain a little. We had 100 degree weather also..not quite 111…but still very hot. This week it has cooled some. Take care Betty!

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