Posted by: Betty | June 8, 2010


At Oceanside Beach 2008

This morning Paul and I sat on the deck for a while… For a few days more.. we don’t have terrible heat early in the morning so it’s nice.  I made a few observations while I sat there with Paul.

The sprinklers were on — watering our dirt—- since our grass has died.  Barney, our Collie stood in the middle of the sprinklers getting drenched and “biting at the water”.. why does he do that? He doesn’t like getting wet; what is up with that?

Paul walked around the patio and noticed our overgrown plants under our window. The leaves are becoming part of our furniture… “We need to move these plants! They’re overgrown!”…Isn’t that a little like moving because our house is messy? or needs cleaning?  Why not just trim the bushes?

Just saying.

Sabby’s sharing my office space with me today; she’s on Paul’s antique computer, typing up “thoughts and feelings”..  Life is settling back into a pattern.

Thursday, I leave with my sister Kathie to go to San Diego to be with Aly, Saul and the crew to help welcome their new baby Franky home from the hospital. I was suppose to be there last week; but couldn’t leave Katie. Due to some problems, he went into the NICU down in San Diego the night he was born. We’re praying for good news.. so far the tests they want to be negative are negative.  I’m excited to hold him, and of course take pictures.. Please keep little Franky, his sisters and mommy and daddy in your prayers.

An FYI to family and friends? Cell phone photos don’t work on my cell phone all that well.. 🙂   just saying.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today..



  1. Life goes on Betty, I too am finding out sooo….

    Thus my camping trip and forth coming San Diego trip. I am just living one day at a time but to the fullest. I hope the tying up of thoghts and feelings don’t go for too long. Thanks for the tips on San Diego, I am really looking forward to it but know that it will be crazy since it will be 4th of July weekend.

  2. Oh, and have a great time in San Diego. And we need to get together for a carne asada and pronto. lol

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