Posted by: Betty | May 26, 2010

Pentecost Sunday

Sabby was baptized Sunday , Pentecost Sunday, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

I was allowed to take photos / non flash from the pew, but since we went up with her, I decided not to take my camera from our pew.. Yikes! Me without a camera. It was for the best, because I came away with memories like snapshots in my mind. Reverend Gae, pouring the water over her head and her smile while being anointed on the alter and holding her candle.  And a much deeper appreciation for the event.

ALERT!!!! Talking Religion follows:  To my still practicing Catholic Friends, I mean NO disrespect. I still believe in all the doctrine I was taught as a child and would take offense at ignorant comments made by non-Catholics.. Still do. I am not putting down the Faith….

I was raised Catholic and for a good part of my adulthood I was involved in Religious education at various parishes we belonged to. ONE of the reasons, I stopped practicing the faith was that so many people strongly involved in church life were very judgmental when it came to people returning to the faith. It’s not that easy getting a child baptized in the Catholic faith ESPECIALLY if  they’re no longer infants…. at least at parishes I was involved with. One program I ran years ago was specifically geared to returning Catholics who wanted their children baptized. After I left the parish,  the REP gal who seemed to want power more than anything changed the program to a two year program. So with a hammer over your head.. your kids didn’t miss a class.. ANYWAY

When Katie wanted Sabby going to church I asked why she’d want her in a faith that she (Katie) could no longer practice.. She’s divorced and plans to re-marry. I suggested the Methodist faith because I like their position on doing good works. Katie chose the Episcopalian faith “because it was most like Catholic”. We went to St. Peters in early March; we were welcomed without any trace of judgement and Sabby was on the fast track for Baptism and First Communion… at the Easter vigil.. Family gatherings and such caused us to miss several Sundays so Katie put it off to Pentecost. I mentioned to the Paster that it’d give Sabby more time to understand.. She smiled a very warm smile and told me that Sabby had her whole life to understand.. I liked that concept.. (I vividly remember tests in second grade before I could make my first communion).  I do not believe that people who are not baptized Christian or are not born again will go to hell. I wasn’t raised that way. I like the Episcopal Church does not believe it either (neither did the Catholics). I do not believe that God hates Gays and Lesbians.   I liked that the Episcopal church does not exclude gay couples; that they allow women to be clergy; that they believe strongly in God’s love; that they do not exclude those who are divorced and remarried or married to a person who was married. They have many options to volunteer in the community… thus giving back. I think the Episcopalian faith is a secret treasure as I don’t know many people who know much about the faith. I didn’t.

So St. Peter’s is my new home (I may have already written about this.. sorry – dying brain cells I guess). Made more concrete this weekend during Paster Gae’s sermon.

Their visitor pamphlet states that where ever you are in your faith journey, if you have been baptized, you are welcomed to take Communion. I like that. I love the truly loving people there..


Here are some pics of Sabby’s special day.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. I can’t say I blame you for leaving Betty. After Sylvia’s passing I have been in church so much with the choir and have been going to mass every Sunday and I am not going to lie to you being Catholic is very, very, hard. The Catholic religion is probably one of the hardest to follow. But I understand now that it’s not about me, it’s about Him. I no longer go to church to make me happy, but to make Him happy, and the priests are far from perfect because they are human, yet they are there to represent God and I love hearing their different styles. From the ones that nag to the ones that fill your heart with joy, they come in all styles. At St. Vincent de Paul no one is turned away, eveyone is invited to participate in the Eucarist, but you know that not everybody can participate in communion. Good post Betty!

  2. Great comment Jose. AND I meant no disrespect in mine. You’re right about people. My mom use to say it’s the FAITH not the people Betty 🙂 … You have a great parish at St. Vincent de Paul. The priest at our parish in Murrieta would make the announcement every Sunday that only Catholics could take communion — Actually that wasn’t true. Lutherans and other faith’s can take Communion by Cannon Law but Paul would NEVER take communion there — He is a Lutheran. St. Vincent’s is lucky to have you!!!

  3. I was raised in the Episcopal faith. It is special.

  4. Hi Betty, beautiful photos and liked reading your religious talk. I was born and raised until age 10 in the Catholic religion.

    For me, myself and I, all I can say is God is in my heart but I don’t attend church anymore. I did attend a Church of Religious Science for a few years and LOVED it.

    Still would go if I felt the need to attend.

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