Posted by: Betty | May 22, 2010

Catching up on photos

Twilight Birthday theme!

I’m so far behind on personal photos! Makayla’s party was a month ago!  Had a great time and she was so excited about her cake!

Yesterday, after worrying and mulling for over a month about our broken PC.. The part was going to cost 120.00; I realized that we had an old PC in the garage and Lyndsey still has an old one of mine that she doesn’t use anymore. I spent have the day trying to “out wit” AOL to get on line without them, updated the operating system and voila… Paul is back on line.. Once I get the one from Lyndsey back; Ricky will have a “new” computer.. I would be proud of myself except that I FORGOT about both computers for almost a month.. Brain cells are fading fast.

Here’s some more pics from the party.


Makayla and Sophie

Sophie and Aunt Carla

Aunt Aly and Makayla… Franky is moving around for his big cousin…

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Tuckered out little sister

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today


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