Posted by: Betty | May 21, 2010


Last week, Paul, while driving home from work, stopped at our mail box as he always does. When he washed the car earlier in the week, he’d neglected the windshield and was driving into the sun. He was blinded and driving very slow. He had a “feeling” that he needed to slow down further and actually stopped for a minute. Then saw 3 young children run out in front of his truck from his blind spot. I smiled and told him his “angels” must have been watching out for him. Then upon reconsidering, I told him could have been their Angels.. We decided it was both.

Years ago, while parking in an unsafe area of our parking lot (Kathie and I rented an apartment together in the early 70’s), I got a feeling.. just a feeling; made sure my doors were locked and waited.. and waited until another car pulled up to park. I got out of my car and started heading to my apt… from the ONLY shadow that night, out walked a stranger straight toward me. He said something which I believed was hello there… and saw the other person. He turned and walked away. I’ve told this story (maybe even on one of my posts) many times to my kids… Listen to your gut.. I could see all around that shadow so that man must have been standing there the entire time I sat in my car feeling like an idiot… I’ve come to believe over the years that it was “my angels” telling me to stay in that car.  I’ve always believed we have angels, spirits or whatever one chooses to call them with us.  I remember once my father decided to check one more time before entering an intersection that was kind of blind. He barely missed getting hit t-bone style by the speeding car.5 seconds one way or the other..

However, then how do I explain to myself how people are in fatal accidents or  murdered, even young babies… Surely they have angels? It’s something I’ve been mulling over for about a week and thought I’d write about it.

Otherwise; I haven’t blogged in forever. Photo shoots; family gatherings and a bunch of stuff going on and though I have spent hours at my computer everyday, haven’t blogged.  I’m still trying to catch up on my personal photos.. Up to April now….

One big development ; one in which I am VERY disappointed in myself for.. I thought I could have just one cigarette a couple of months ago and am now smoking again… Paul used the F word with me over it and I hear my “angels” SHOUTING at me every minute of every day.. I can’t continue; I know that much.

Hope all of you are well and happy and have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Betty it’s great to see you back blogging! I’ve been missing you! Good post. I believe we all have Angels too. And quit that smoking… it’s not good. 🙂

  2. It’s that little voice I ignored in December. It’s worth paying attention to.

    I heard on the news that Michigan State University is beginning clinical trials on a vaccine to help people quit smoking. Now that should be interesting–I hope it works as smoking is a powerful addiction. Listen to your inner voice on this.

    Hey…enjoy that haircut!

  3. I believe in angels also, the way that you described them. Also that most things happen for a reason, sometimes we don’t understand until years later.
    I totally understand about smoking. I have been quit now for 3 or 4 years, and I occasionally get that craving to smoke, usually when I am stressed to the max. If you need help quitting at some point, I used a prescription called Chantix that worked for me. It doesn’t seem to work for everyone though. I have several friends that tried it after I recommended it and they hated it… did work for me.
    Have a great weekend Betty!


    luv ya,


  5. Ohhh good advice, gut feeling yeah, saved me many times.

    About the smoking… hope you can quit. It has been almost six months for me and so far haven’t been tempted to pick it up again. Well tempted yes, but held back so far.

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