Posted by: Betty | April 21, 2010

32 Years 6 days…..

Ah the 70’s     4-15-1978

So you might be thinking this is a mushy anniversary post.. Well, you’d be wrong. My kids, some of them worry about the way Paul and I talk to each other… They worry, I think we might be headed for divorce.. This post is for you guys….

.. After 32 years, one tends to start “speaking up”… Like  Betty….. “TAKE THAT BACK”!!!!  I know that seems I’ve reverted to childhood, but that’s how it goes.. ” SHUT UP OLD MAN!!!.. WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!!!  From Paul “CALM DOWN”!!!  “OH I FOUND THAT FIVE POUNDS YOU LOST—- while looking at my but…  Bickering…

Today, Sandi (Paul’s sister ) called about lunch… I’d been telling Paul it was today – Paul kept dismissing me and saying.. it’s tomorrow!!!  I say to Sandi,  it’s tomorrow right? NO she responds… it’s today.. So while Sandi waits on the line.. I tell Paul “ITS TODAY!!! I TOLD YOU THAT!!! , Paul, getting ready for work Yells back.. IT’S TOMORROW THAT THEY”RE TAKING CARL TO THE AIRPORT!!!! LUNCH IS TOMORROW!.. Well, I respond calmly.. CLEARLY honey, they’re at the airport now so THEY’D KNOW!!!!   Lunch will be rescheduled..

I asked Paul afterward why we sound like an old married couple… He responded that we ARE an old married couple.. I told him (foolishly) that in his arms I still feel like that 25 year old he met 32 years ago.. He stood back laughing  and told me “NO YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE THAT 25 YEAR OLD I MET…

Kids… Dad will be able to stand up straight in a few days.. We really are a happily married couple.. Really.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Sometimes we just have to see if the kids are paying attention, right? Many more happy years to the two of you, and in between a few rounds here and there. lol

  2. He really is an asshole….

  3. Hahaha…it sounds like everyone has fun when two fuss at each other. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Sounds like a great relationship : ) We’re on 36 years and it sometimes seems like quite an achievement!
    It’s nice being an old married couple isn’t it : )
    Sweet photo.

  5. wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here Betty, but I enjoyed the post, made me laugh….

  6. What fun! I do love your blogs Betty. Wonderful. Hugs. Happy Anniversary…

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