Posted by: Betty | April 16, 2010

Alls well that ends well

Carla setting up a photo

So as I’ve noted, last week was a long week ending Saturday with a wedding. Carla and I always have fun and laugh at weddings but there is a very high stress level. Getting ALL the photos we need/can and worry about them coming out… Then about 40 plus hours editing from RAW format to Jpeg and taking 20% to photo shop..   This week I spent a lot of time sleeping.. IN BED..  in between editing wedding and a family sitting I had last week.

Yesterday, I had chest pains that were not as painful but the same as my heart attack and the pulmonary embolisms. The pain would not go away so I did what I’ve never done.. I unlocked my front door, laid down on the couch and called 911. Oh I hate that drama. Buckeye Paramedics are great.  I was really scared but when I heard the sirens, I was both embarrassed for the attention and relieved they were so close. I was transported to the hospital where the tests came back normal but I had to stay overnight.  Family drama will take another post.. but I will say that Kathie was pretty sure I was dead.. she thought PAUL called 911 which he NEVER does.. 🙂

I’m home now and ready to get ready to go to CA (as a passenger) for Makayla’s birthday celebration and Soccer game tonight.  I’ll be seeing Rob and Carla and and Aly,Saul, Kat and Ema! They’re going to the party too. Made all the more sweet by the scare this week.

Life is sweet and while I was a little embarrassed, I was more glad that that’s all I was.. I’ll have a wonderful weekend…. getting glimpses of heaven.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Oh, that is great news that you were okay. Better safe than sorry I say. I just felt like an idiot last week becaue I felt a big knot under my arm and imagined all the worse of course, and it turned out it was just a muscle. Kind of embarressing, but…you never know. Have a great weekend Betty!

  2. Whoa~~~~~~glad all is okay. Hey enjoy your trip into town and take it easy! Sounds like you have been so busy with your photography business.

  3. Well that’s scary. But glad you’re okay… and feeling better.

  4. Oh, dear. You know, Betty, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It was best you were checked out and I’m happy you’re ok.


  5. Wow at least you had the sense to do what you did. Yep I too say better safe than sorry. Have fun in Cali and take some pillows so you can be comfortable while traveling.

  6. Oh I’m so glad it wasn’t serious.
    Hope you had a great time on your trip.

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