Posted by: Betty | April 12, 2010

Weddings; Carla & Gran Torino

As I wrote late last week; it was a long week. The wedding Saturday, that Carla and I did the photography for, was beautiful and arduous. The Groom was from Guam and the music at the reception was a beautiful mix of Island, Jamaican, and  The usual Reception faire which I love… Can’t remember now the name of one of my favorites from Saturday.. I have it down loaded for slide shows I do of receptions.. I’m sure you know it.. Y’all.. slide to the left…… Carla is more the lead at these events now; getting the right photos of the right poses and making sure everyone looks their best.

When we drove off from the Waterfront in Tempe, we were both tired. Really tired, Carla had to drive home yesterday, finish her homework, download pictures from the wedding, care for Madi and Conner and get ready for work today. Me, well I didn’t make the trip (not to Tombstone after all but to Wickenburg) with Paul.. Every muscle hurt.. even my arms from lifting my camera.. I stayed in bed most of the day and early in the day – and finishing this morning… I watched probably the best movie from Clint Eastwood.. (I know there are many great ones) Gran Torino. He plays the kind of person I don’t like.. A Real Racist; but he’s able to make Walt a fairly likable guy. I’ve seen it before and I knew how it would end, so my tears started early on, during the funny scenes. A Great Story. If you haven’t seen it, you might like it. I would recommend it anyway..

Today, I’ll be doing photo edits (I took over 1500 pictures Saturday) and taking it easy with Paul.  Tomorrow, I will rearrange both rooms that madi with Sabby and Conner had while they were here.. I’ll need Paul’s help to move that bookshelf one more time.

Have a great day and a great week.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Oh Betty, I’m so sorry you’re hurting – I’m praying for a fast recovery for you! Get better soon!

    Mom’s friend rented that movie a while back & we all watched it one night at mom & dads place – It’s a WONDERFUL movie – I loved it! I couldn’t believe the turn it took at the end – WoW!!!

  2. 1500 photos…wow that is a lot of photos. Sorry you are hurting. I get that way sometimes also and think I could have fibromyagia but a chiroprator once told me she didn’t think I have it. I loved Gran Torino also and bought it.

  3. Wow, I don’t envy you that’s a lot of editing.
    Grand Torino and awesome car, but the movie for me being a Clint Eastwood fan was outstanding. Then again I can’t remember a bac Eastwood movie. Not even those funny ones with the ape. lol
    I hope you feel better Betty.

  4. And Gran Torino was filmed in and around Detroit. His was a pretty clean neighborhood–probably Hamtramck–still a tough Polish enclave where people really do sweep their sidewalks every single day.

    I bet the photos are lovely.

    Rest up!

  5. That’s quite a week! You did well to get through it and I do hope you feel better soon.
    I whinge often enough about my aches and pains but I know it’s a whole different ball game for you.
    Sending best wishes for those aches to subside and not leave any effects.

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