Posted by: Betty | April 9, 2010

Suzzanne’s Corner update

This photo was taken in 2002 at Kathie’s house; during their move from Alaska to AZ…

Suzzanne’s Corner has finally been updated with February’s doings..  Suzzanne is a military wife. She’s my niece and she’s incredible.  While I was doing the family web page she regularly sent photos and updates from Germany where they were stationed at the time.  I’ve stopped doing the web page , but am still getting Suzzanne’s updates and with her permission, I am posting them on my blog.. on Suzzanne’s Corner Page …..Now.. She lives in Nob Naster.. Or Nab Noster MO and she is adjusting to life in the mid west as only Suzzanne can do…. Pretty much like she adjusted to life in Alabama, Alaska, Tucson and then Germany.  My favorite Suzzanne story, of which there are many, was when her husband volunteered to go to Iraq without discussing things with her…. She told me the ONLY thing she can / could control was her reaction.. Which finally was to inform her manly man that ALL of his combat pay would go to her to use to re do their kitchen… Suzzanne, with her stories and her own sacrifices, make me proud to be related to her.. She’s a great wife who can handle just about any situation; a great mom and a perfect “step” daughter to my twin sister Kathie..

Please take a minute to go on to Suzzanne’s corner and see how Suzzanne is “adjusting” to life in a small town in the mid west.

Love you Suzzanne..



  1. She is a great daughter and friend and has done much to keep me sane particularly last year when my sanity was in question. Just a quick call from her would keeping me laughing long enough until the next session!

  2. Sounds like a great woman.

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