Posted by: Betty | April 8, 2010

Spring Break

This is Spring Break in CA…. Murrieta and Temecula. Madi and Conner have been promised a trip to Gran’s for quite some time. This week is their time. Since Sabby lives close by.. She’s part of the brood this week. I’ve been looking forward to this week for 6 months.

I drove to CA Monday, (With Sabby), in my VW Bug— picked up Conner and Madi Tuesday and we drove home.. Note to friends.. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME… 3 children in a Bug is not O.K. Especially when 5 year old conner lines up his cars on his 10 year old sister’s leg..and she doesn’t want him to….

Wednesday I had a photo shoot with a wonderful family in Surprise (yes there is a town in AZ named Surprise). Very fun and Very tiring..  Since Tuesday, I have re-ordered the “grandchildrens” room — too often to count. Conner likes to re-arrange and is strong enough to move the bookshelf I have trouble moving. Picked up the room Sabby and Madi are using – many times; done a few loads of emergency laundry – watched kids swim. Slipped on wet tile after children swam; watched twilight and New moon several times (THAT part is o.k.) watched square pants sponge bob;  rescued a balloon from the ceiling fan; turned the TV in the guest room to face the bathroom so Conner would agree it WAS indeed time to go potty;  Then got mooned when he decided  THAT GRAN should wipe his bum…re-arranged the Grandchildrens’ room again. Slipped on Conner’s Welcome mat to “his” room. Stepped on lincoln logs (cussed in front of the kids) and downloaded and edited some of the photos from Wednesday’s shoot.

I am tired. I am too tired to be tired.  I’ve heard about wisdom and age and raising kids.. NOT.. The young have children because they have the energy to keep up with them.

Don’t get me wrong. I AM LOVING this visit; or I will when I look at all the photos. Tomorrow Paul is off ; Carla comes Tomorrow night and we shoot a days worth of a wedding on Saturday.

Paul …. After ALL these years in AZ decided this Sunday would be the ONLY and BEST day to go to Tombstone with family.. We use to go every year – but after moving to AZ, we’ve only  been once– he and I….  I cannot repeat my response in my blog… But Carla plans on going home early Sunday to avoid a promised storm Sunday afternoon and me.. well I’ll be in bed..

Carla – MY HAT, is off to you.. You have perfect children, don’t get me wrong.. but these last 4 months and the next four months while you do all that you do While Rob is away  while, working full time and going to school on line…. you have earned my ever lasting love and respect.. As you do all this while laughing; for Rob.  Maybe you’re laughing because you are crazy…. That is my best guess

I love my grand kids.. They are my joy and laughter  and my glimpses of heaven…..and I look forward to telling Conner one day how he use to move bookshelves to re arrange a room — 5 times so far this week..

But it’s good being a grand parent.. ….   Katie.. Thanks for this three hour break.. I’m going to bed for 2.5 hours now.

The Stars in my world

Madi – 10

Makayla just turned 9

Sabrina will soon be 8

Conner – Twilight on in the back Conner just turned 5Izabella (or now… Bella) if 4

Sophie is the boss… She’s two

Now before I piss off the rest of my kids.. Lyndsey – I think I’d rather work – for a break now and then.. you stay home with your children and I am proud and happy for you. Katie, You work full time and go to school too and for many years did it alone..


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today… Off to bed now



  1. Did I mention that I won’t be able to make it out there tomorrow to get my kids…Is one more week going to be okay??? Hee-hee-hee, just kidding. This post cracks me up…I know you’ve got to be exhausted! But I bet they are having a wonderful time with their Gran, Pappy’s, Sabs, Auntie Katie & Adam. Thanks…You know I needed this wonderful break…even though I too love those little boogers!

  2. I read this earlier and it cracked me up. I couldn’t leave a comment because my little Maddie had just walked in the door. This post is hilarious…movng furniture and the mooning was really hilarious. It reminded me a little of the Bill Cosby tape “Himself” . A comedy routine he did about raising kids.

    • Oh Brenda… I’m so glad to be a GRANDmother.. How did I raise 4? I know I did and even rested some back then. I got a picture of him moving that book case YET again today; but he was half dressed so I can’t post it. Have fun with Maddie

  3. I’m so with you on the energy thing Betty! I can’t believe I once had the energy to bring up 3 children 🙂
    Doesn’t that lovely Sabby look just like you in the earlier post – such a pretty childd, such a pretty woman : )

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