Posted by: Betty | March 22, 2010

Ah yes, Spring

This is a beautiful thing in the AZ desert.. The wild flowers… visitors every spring. I love my drives to CA this time of the year. My Cell phone really doesn’t do them justice.

Don’t get me wrong. I love spring, even here in AZ. But let me say that I approach Spring as someone in the midwest might approach winter. I KNOW what’s coming. The oven. It’s staring all ready – I get reminders in the afternoon, in my office when the sun is setting. It warms up in this part of the house.

The pool is in much better condition as I face the 100 plus degrees that will be here soon enough, but I know the water will soon get too warm to really refresh.

And as I do each year in March or April, typically as we approach our anniversary here in AZ, what the heck was I thinking.  Paul has told me it makes him feel bad that I miss CA, AND that he won’t be moving me home (he likes Phoenix), and to please stop telling him I miss CA.. hm.. well ok

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Phoenix, it’s big enough to have suburbs, which is how I’m most comfortable. I was raised in track houses and like having Best Buy or Michaels close to me… But it’s small enough  for me to know all the areas in the City and it’s surrounding suburbs. My recent trips through CA remind me that Southern CA has so many areas about which I know nothing.  My sports teams here in Phoenix play within 35 miles of my home and driving to the “opposite end of the valley” isn’t all that long of a drive… to me anyway, it’s just five miles further than a one way commute I drove for 15 years.

I have lowered my rates this summer for weddings in the “high country” where it’s NOT hot..

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today



  1. I think I know what you mean Betty. Even here in the Midwest we have such hot humid days, that we still have to stay indoors, the same as winter, because you can’t breath and would have a heat stroke if you stayed outside. I think the diffference is that our pool does cool you off. I have friends in Arizona that say the pool is hard to keep cool, and also the faucet water. A perfect weather day for me is 80 degrees and sunny, no wind. They don’t happen real often, but sure nice when they do. Have a great week. My blog is not working….I can find it, but can not access it like posting, etc. Not sure what is wrong yet….

  2. I’m with Paul. I love Arizona and I am staying put. lol Actually l look forward to the oven days of summer. I had enough of the cold.

  3. Hi Betty, behind on reading here. I know you miss Ca and I think I would if I moved, but a part of me does want to move more to the central coast, although I know I won’t do that. Other than the heat, I love Arizona. Hope you handle the heat okay this summer. Maybe with climate change going on it will end up being more tropical some time in the future.

  4. Good tactics to lower your rates for the comfy places : ) I hope you get lots of commissions there.
    Still, it must be magical to see the desert blooming. But I can imagine it must be really hard, waiting out the heat through the summer.

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