Posted by: Betty | March 18, 2010

Southern CA weekend

It turns out Mic is quite the natural at soccer.

Paul and I were in Southern CA last weekend for Conner’s 5th Birthday. Spring is a big season for birthdays around here. As luck had it, Makayla’s 1st soccer game was also this weekend so we didn’t miss it. I love beautiful days watching one of our kids/grandkids play soccer. Madi was in Soccer two years ago. ¬†Saturday morning was an incredible day in Murrieta, CA. Puffy white clouds acted as beautiful accents to the extreme blue of the sky. Gosh I miss CA.. sigh…

I took A LOT of pictures and am still wading through them. Here are a few more.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.

Cheering on big sister with Pappys

MY 7 up Sophie!

Showing Pappys her Owy

My little natural



  1. Those soccer action shots are fantastic. And look at Paul tending to the little princesses. Ahh to be a grandpa. So today Friday is the day my numero ocho will make his/her grand entrance. Can’t wait.

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