Posted by: Betty | March 17, 2010

Back Home again.. … again

I’ve been kind of busy the last couple of weeks. Two trips out of town and a photo shoot..

Brianne’s birthday was an awesome family gathering even of epic proportions.  Even Lyndsey’s Victor and his mom went up to Northern CA to celebrate a special someone’s 9th birthday. My sister in law and I drove up together and we still love each other and everything. 🙂

Here are some photos:

I took more than usual… and then did some “effects” on many of them. I don’t want to post photos of all the family members with out their permission…. I occasionally have a “lurker” on my site and while she seems to have gone away for now and I have ways of tracing my visitors.. I don’t like posting photos of some family members.. And while I would love to share their beauty with you all…my lurker can find other ways of getting photos of her Long ago ex family.


So now..

I had a wonderful time in Livermore. Being there, finally celebrating my niece’s birthday UP THERE with her and all  my nephews and nieces. The weather was beautiful and the family love filled the three days with such joy… that and the Potato Pancakes Scott made for me. Yum

I was gone this last weekend for Conner’s 5th Birthday!!! Those photos are still in Raw form… waiting for me to edit and convert to Jpg.  And I had a photo shoot on Monday.. Those photos are safely pending my review and edits today.. tomorrow?

I hope you all are enjoying your spring and I hope it’s as beautiful “there” as it is here in Phoenix.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog today.



  1. Wow. You are looking especially healthy and happy Betty. The photos are great. Too bad about the lurker person. You would think by now she would have moved on with her life. I love the photo effect with some black and white and some color. I just figured out we can (sort of) do that with picasa.

  2. Enjoyed seeing your family pics.

    A lurker …I think I have one of those.

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